6 Important Emergency Preparedness Questions: (Planning your Survival Food and Survival Gear)

Emergency Preparedness A Wise Decision; Survival Food and Survival Gear.

How to Survive Disasters with Emergency Preparedness


Will You be Able To Survive the Next Catastrophe/Disaster?

Do you ever think about survival for you and your family in the event of a major world catastrophe? Do you have survival food and survival gear tucked away somewhere just in case? A small investment in your survival will give you peace of mind of being prepared for you and your family to survive…

Surviving Major Blackouts

There are lots of scary TV series about worldwide disasters the likes of nuclear war aftermaths, about deadly viral diseases which wipe out most of the human race, germ warfare pandemics, and even zombies.  Perhaps you have seen some like ‘The Last Ship’ ‘Containment’ and ‘12 Monkeys’ for some examples? What about the recent movie ‘Viral’ for another good example

We may scoff and believe these things will never happen, but did we ever believe we would have portable mini computers/cell phones 10 years ago like we have today when they showed them in movies? Sure they are all just movies but it does make you wonder what would REALLY happen if they became the reality? In most of these TV series and movies there are always survivors those that had the foresight to be prepared to survive if the worst happened.

What about the REAL terrorism that is rocking the world right now? Stuff like recent airport bombings, terrorist attacks in France, the immigration crisis, natural disasters like earth quakes and adverse catastrophic weather? A little planning to make sure that you have survival food and survival gear to survive a disaster is sensible yet too few people even think about this.

Survival food and Survival gear
Getting Survival Food and Survival gear Together

You will find some excellent guidelines for survival food and survival gear and further information on emergency preparedness here, and reading some tips and guidelines is vital to plan survival right.

6 important questions you should ask yourself:

  • Will you be able to survive a major extended power outage?
  • Would you and your family have sufficient supplies for area quarantine?
  • Would you be able to survive being stranded because all major transport was halted?
  • Will you survive a major weather event or earthquake?
  • Can you defend yourself against looting, destruction, rape and killing in Major catastrophes?
  • Can you survive being cut off from access to any of basic human needs for an extended period?

These are just a few basic questions but if you sit down and really think about survival it is quite scary to realize that you have nothing at all in place concerning being prepared… It is vital to know what survival food and survival gear you need that is suitable for surviving any event, and there are some basics for survival that you should have to start with.

You should know what proper long term emergency storage looks like, and not just think you have enough when in reality it could just be enough for a few days at best.

How to Survive

Proper planning and calculating just how much survival food and survival gear you need for long-term survival does not have to cost you a fortune if you know what you are doing.

Invest in emergency preparedness guides that will teach you exactly how to survive and what is the best investment in long term storage where it concerns survival food and survival gear.

Guides that you should keep on hand and even print will have the information to help you perform the crucial survival activities, and most importantly plan survival food and survival gear and proper safe storage facilities to weather any crisis.

Survival food guides will help you learn to to calculate nutritional needs per person for adults and for children that will keep them alive, and healthy to survive even long term disasters. Survival food and survival gear is at the top of the list to surviving but you also need medical survival gear, and the basics of utilities like light, self defense, and communication equipment too.

Basic Guide to Emergency Preparedness

Invest in advice for surviving and learning about safely storing, keeping and protecting your survival food and gear and this will certainly give you peace of mind for you and your family. Within this article there are links to the top survival pages where you can watch videos and start your survival planning, definitely a wise buy decision right now.

Survival Guide

Use these guides and access information even suitable for absolute beginners showing what to do to start stockpiling emergency survival food and survival gear with additional insights for the best laid out emergency preparedness plans.

Just as you seen in many past terrorism attacks, and natural world disasters and events like earthquakes proper emergency preparedness has save many lives. In major catastrohopes even the government may be powerless to help the average citizen and when these happen as you have seen in some TV series and even reality looting, killing rape, theft, and crime increase because the rules of law collapse.

When it comes to that it is every person for themselves and for those that had foresight for emergency preparedness, survival food and survival gear, proper defense and other plans you have put into place will allow you to survive .

Survival Food and Survival gear


Best Buy: Training a Dog Or Puppy Secrets (…and Guides to Dog Illnesses & Cures)

The Best Buy Guide for Training a Dog.

Training a Dog and Puppy.

Training a Dog, and Secrets to Keeping Your Furry Child Happy

Dog owners spend thousands of dollars every year on their dog in vet bills, dog obedience schools, recreation and dog toys and comforts.  What most dog owners don’t know is how to go about training a dog or how to train a puppy new comer to the family but there are wonderful guides that you can invest in to help you, rather than buying expensive classes in dog obedience schools.

With a new comer puppy Toy Pom that I gave my wife for an anniversary gift in our home that was constantly chewing up everything in sight, and soiling the carpets amongst other naughtiness she got up to, I investigate guides for how to train a puppy and training a dog that would help and discovered a fabulous guide I think everyone should have.

This amazing dog owners guide by Duston McGroarty is not only a guide for training a dog but covers detailed information on many dog illnesses that can be cured using natural remedies. I found sections that cover how to train a puppy and other tips for training a dog that makes it the best investment I have ever made for both my dogs. (I own a husky as well)

Training a dog and puppy training
Examples of chapters in this Guide for Training a Dog Include:

*Smart Ways to use moth balls to prevent your dog from digging holes in your flowerbeds.

*Stop word stops that can be used to prevent your dog from jumping up on people

*Secret ingredients in your pantry to stop coat shedding all over the furniture and house

*1 secret that stops excessive chewing of everything in sight

*3 deadly dog foods being to avoid that are sold in stores

*Tips for safe nail trimming without harming your dog

*How to calm pups and big dogs in a thunderstorm, or noisy place

*Ingredients that banishes bad doggy breath.

.Training a Dog Training guide

And of course tons more information in this dog training guide; covering all topics on how to train a puppy or big dog to become an obedient and most importantly happy member of the family.

This incredible guide for training a dog comes with so much information it will become a resource that you regularly access when you are having problems with your beloved animal friend. It’s hard learning how to train a puppy or a dog if you have had no prior experience and if the dog is a new comer in the family it can be very frustrating.

If you are a dog lover and already own a dog that is part of the family you can save thousands of dollars every year with this excellent guide that is worth every dollar I you pay for it. Best of all this powerful guide for training a dog is affordable to everyone with proven methods that work.

Your Dog and Illness.

Many well meaning dog lovers give their family friend things to eat that can do more harm than good for their health. This can cause expensive vet bills and medications to undo the damage done simply because what the dog ate was poisonous to the digestive system but you did mean well.

In my case I learned that Toy Poms are prone to having runny tummies and constipation and need a proper diet all information which I found readily available in this guide. Now I know what to avoid preventing tins in her diet.
Puppy training

Read more about this exceptional value guide for training a dog and note the free tips already on the website giving you sample of what you can expect in this guide. The guide is currently in launch price and set to increase after a certain amount of copies have been sold  and when you read about it you will agree it is the best buy ever bough to you by Get Wise Buys.

If you love your furry friend then don’t hesitate to buy this guide for training a dog that covers everything you need to know to keep your dog healthy happy obedient and loving friend of the family. Click on the links in this article and you will go directly to the page to read more about this wonderful dog training guide that every dog owner should have.

Once you do you will be always able to access information you need about dog illnesses, diet, dog training, guides for puppies and tons more.

7 Tips for Staying Fit the Easy Way!

Smart Tips for Staying Fit For Life!

Tips for Staying Fit for Life

Staying fit enhances your health and overall well being. Some activity is better than none at all!

Technology is making us lazy, what with sitting playing computer games or in front of the television and even online shopping instead of going to a shopping mall and walking around to buy what you need.

No matter what you do stay, staying active is vital for health and wellness, and better still if you play a sport you are passionate about or even play active games with your children.

Participating in a sport even for a hobby, or working out regularly makes sure you stay lean and healthy for life. It is not hard to get some sort of activity, and even natural movement is better than a sedentary lifestyle. Walking the dog, taking the stairs and other fun activities are all beneficial for a healthy body.

It is important to stay motivated to be active and if you like training at the gym for example, not punishing yourself when you miss a workout or gym session.

Our Lives are Speeding Up But Slowing us Down.

We live in a world filled that is fast paced, with fast food, instant information on the internet, instant messaging, and a desire for instant gratification, making us more and more impatient. Even with all this staying fit is not easy and bad nutrition from fast food starts packing on extra weight too.

People that want to lose this extra weight want to achieve this in just a few days, believing in miracle adverts proclaiming that it is possible.

Working out and staying fit by being active in sports, or doing regular exercise is all that is needed to lose excess weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Here are some useful tips for staying fit and active without making it feel like a punishment.

  1. Participating in Sports on a Casual Level

Sports fitness means you are participating in a sport you enjoy for recreation and competitiveness.  Even causal sports like 10 pin bowling, swimming, putt-putt and adventure golf, or playing with a Frisbee are all beneficial for staying fit.

The added benefits of these activities are using energy which burns body fats helping you maintain an ideal healthy weight. In addition to this, try making an effort to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle, healthy eating, and ease of stress management. If you are not getting enough fruit and vegetables consider taking healthy supplements to boost your immune system.
Supplements to boost your immune system

  1. Natural Activity for Staying Fit

Just remember that everything that gets you moving will contribute to your health, whether it is walking or doing a high workout program to achieve peak fitness levels.

Walk the dog or invest in a bicycle to ride to the store instead of taking the car. Have fun with the children, and this doesn’t mean sitting in front of a computer or gaming console playing games either!

It is never too late to start getting active or learning how to play a sport that you will enjoy, or just get out there and start enjoying daily walks to investigate your neighborhood.

  1. Check with your Doctor if it is Safe to Exercise?

You cannot just start a strenuous exercise program out of the blue because this can be a huge shock to your body and cause you a serious health problem to develop or an injury…

If you have always lead a sedentary lifestyle with a minimal amount of exercise consult with a doctor before starting and strenuous exercise program, because you might be suffering from a heart condition or other ailment which could make exercising a serious health risk! Start becoming active gradually and work from that point on.

  1. Training at a Gym Anyone?

There is nothing wrong with starting a workout program at a gym as long as you stay motivated to achieving your fitness goals. You can use a gym for staying fit generally and keeping your weight down to an acceptable

Investigate suitable low costs gym contracts if your goals are just staying fit. If you have higher goals in mind like participating competitively in a sport investigate online personal trainer fitness training programs that can enhance your sporting competitive levels, train you in endurance and stamina or if you like just help you lose weight.

Staying Fit Guidance

  1. What about Home Fitness Equipment?

There are tons of different types of home gym equipment on the market but put some careful though into what you buy otherwise it will just end up gathering dust at home or become a useful clothes horse.

Maintaining a fit healthy body makes you feel good look great and of course adds to longevity. People with busy careers find it hard to keep to gym schedules and in this case consider rigging up a full home gym with all the exercising fitness training equipment you need.

  1. Make Time for Staying Fit Everyday!

Setting aside at least an hour a day to get active stimulates your body in many ways, like helping release stress, makes you eat and sleep better, and boosts your immune system.

While getting any sort of activity for staying fit or when training or doing fitness workouts your body becomes an energy burning machine which makes it vital you feed it with the correct nutrition.

For professional working out, correct healthy eating habits are vital and you can investigate using sports supplements and sports drinks, all which will contribute to muscle building and prevention of exhaustion and pain after working out.

  1. Perform exercises Correctly!

Working out correctly is a critical aspect of fitness training because if you do not exercise correctly and follow proper sports nutrition, then working out becomes a painful process which will start making you avoid exercise routines altogether. If you are starting out in a training program a useful option is getting a personal trainer to help you.

Even doing normal activities be careful if you have been a sedentary type up until now because you can pull muscles or strain them and this will demotivate you from doing any activity again.

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts and pro sport competitors also need to train at the correct fitness levels otherwise injury could result. If you want to join a gym then a personal trainer can evaluate your level of fitness and design the proper workout programs to suit you.

Just remember that if you have led a sedentary lifestyle up to now, make certain that it is safe to start an exercise plan by visiting your doctor!

The Make Money Online Trading Revolution! (Can it Work for Me?)

The Make Money Online Forex Trading Revolution. Join In Today!

Make Money Online Forex Trading

Experience The Excitement of Trading Forex in the Financial Markets!

If you have not come across a video or advertisement offering you to trade in the financial markets online then you haven’t been surfing the internet.

Do you just close the advert, or wonder whether you can make money online forex trading in the financial markets? Maybe you believe it’s all a scam because trading in the financial markets is just for large corporations, banks, and brokers.

If you want to find out what all the fuss is about regarding online forex trading to make money online then here is a Top rated Trading Website with all the facts. CLICK HERE

Can I Learn to Trade and Make Money Online Like This?

It does look quite complicated when you see all the trading charts, the financial terms, and the methodology and you may believe you need a financial degree to understand it all.

Fact is online share trading platforms come with full educational resources and you can learn how to trade profitably as long as you go about it the right way.

Don’t get caught up by rich quick promises either because it takes time to learn it all, but it certainly is worthwhile at the end of the day for making extra money or even increasing your investment being ion full control of your money rather than someone else.

Join The Trading Revolution Starting FREE.

To learn how trading works you will find that you have tons of resources the most important being a demo account which you can open completely free. While you are learning how everything works you trade with demo money on live markets so that you can learn how it all works.

This is how you prevent making mistakes once you trade with your own money, and while trading with this demo account you will be surprised at how busy the financial markets are.

What makes online forex trading so exciting and fun is that you can trade anywhere you are keeping tabs on your trades with your mobile phone.

It is wise to only join online share trading platforms that are licensed, registered and regulated for your peace of mind and not these no name brand companies, especially those promising you get rich fast.

.Profit Trading Forex Online

Trade Anywhere With a Variety of Assets

Online forex trading is also just one facet of the financial market because you can trade in many other assets and commodities including gold, oil and other precious metals.

As a business opportunity for the future this is certainly a top rated way to earn extra money online and even become wealthy if you develop a passion for trading.

State of the art share trading platforms offer live support and training, social trading forums, trading strategies, tips, and trading signals all there to help you increase your profits, and minimize the risks.

On a parting note about online forex trading for making money online; it takes patience to learn, and there are no shortcuts if you want to ensure success. Start off small if you are completely new to the financial markets, and build up confidence to trade profitably using all the resources at your disposal, and you can rest assured that you will find this a very interesting way to earn extra money online, and if you like even become wealthy in the future once you become a smart trader!

Learn Binary Options Trading



7 Self Improvement Tips for a Better You!

7 Self Improvement  Facts: The Journey to a Better You!
Self Improvement Tips

Top Rated Path to Living a Better Happier Life!

Few people TRULY realize that they can fulfill their dreams, and even you may be on the point of turning your life around, but you put obstacles in your way without even being aware of it. Most people end up living unhappy negative lives wondering what their purpose is, and what they can do or could have done to make things different.

These few self improvement methods can change all of that no matter how old or young g you are, what background you come from or what country you live in! There are main obstacles that you need to overcome and some of these are listed below. Perhaps you need help to turn your life around and if you need this consider investing in a better you no matter what it takes!

  1. Always Making Excuses

Stop making excuses that you cannot do it, and start accepting full responsibility for your mistakes. Begin realizing that if you are not making mistakes you are not learning anything! Your mistakes are the path towards success each one getting you closer to your goals.

  1. Overcome your Fears of Failure

Failure happens to everyone and most take it as the end of the road rather than just considering it as another step forward. Most people encounter the tiniest obstacle and then throw in the towel not realizing just how close they were to achieving their goals.

Never take failure personally either and think that you failed because there is something wrong with you because that is false. Overcoming your fears of failure is an important step for self improvement in your life!

  1. Stop Your Self Criticism!

 Successful people do not criticize themselves because they know that this negative mindset and way of thinking will end up pushing their goals away farther than before. It’s ok to get upset but channel these emotions into constructive energy and this will take you in the direction of the goals you have set.

Self Improvement means learning many new things and reprogramming your mind to start believing in yourself, your abilities, and apply many positive principles that will definitely turn your life around! There are ways to get help through life coaching, and even with a method known as NLP mind programming, used by therapists and professional psychologists use to help people live full happy lives by overcoming their negative issues.

  1. Stop Hijacking Your Success

You can tell yourself lies and start believing those lies because you program your mind that way. Negative thinking will stop you from achieving your dreams more than anything else. Your fear of failure will escalate, and your belief that what you desire is impossible will hijack your goals and success in life.

Some lies you may tell yourself and start believing are that you are not beautiful or good looking enough, don’t have the talent to do what you want, don’t deserve the success, or do not belong where you want to go…

Self Improvement Mind Programming

Here are Some Common Lies Most People Tell Themselves and Even Others:

  1. I Have No clue Where to Begin!

No one has all the answers on where to start to take the first step towards their dreams. All you need to do is make a decision on whatever it is and even write down steps that you need to take towards the success, happiness, or dreams you have for yourself.

Understand no one is perfect, and in this light also know that if you want to wait for the perfect plan, perfect moment, it’s never going to happen! You need to apply the principles of self improvement starting today, right now. If you don’t then all your plans, goals, dreams, and happiness will never materialize.

  1. I Don’t Have Money or Means to Get Started.

Many millionaires started without having any money at all and you will read these rags to riches stories everywhere. They just believed in themselves. What about Richard Branson for example of a good rag to riches story? He started the company Virgin Records as teenager, and when he was flat broke but today he is worth over $5 billion and best of all which few people may know is that he has dyslexia.
Self Improvement Dreams

You can make it happen and if you want it badly enough you will find the means, to do it. Telling yourself you can’t get started is a lie that becomes an obstacle that you will not overcome.

  1. I Need Help To Do What I want!

People reach their dreams everyday without any help from someone else and you can do the same. If you read some self improvement tips on this website you will be amazed to realize how you have been hijacking your happiness and well being all along.

You can invest in getting mentored or use someone for inspiration like Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Albert Einstein or whomever you please. It’s also ok investing in life coaching to help reprogram your mind and turn your life around.

Happiness and Dreams are yours for the Taking.

 With such fast paced technology filled lifestyles stuck in unfulfilling careers it’s hard to find time to really start living and it is up to you to change all that and you can! Starting a journey to self improvement is the first step and you can invest in whatever tools you like to help you on the way because they are really worth the end result.

It’s never too late to start and all it takes is to make a concerted effort to change without fear.  If you don’t later in life you may ask yourself why you never took the opportunity that was staring you in the face!

More About Self Improvement!