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10 Proven Kitchen Cooking Tips to Save You Money & Mess…

 10 Useful Cooking Tips in the Kitchen.Save Money, Cook Smarter…Have Fun.

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Proven Cooking Tips to Print and Keep handy

If you enjoy cooking there are always those little gremlins that can turn the perfect meal into a flop. Sometimes there are also those little accidents that can make cooking frustrating. Here are proven cooking tips that you can keep handy to refer to making meal preparation a breeze. Above you can grab money saving recipes and recipes tips on how to recreate that meatloaf into something special…


  1. Prevent Food from Sticking to Pots and Pans. Although nowadays you can buy ‘non stick sprays’, the natural way to stop food sticking to pots and pans is to prevent putting cold foods into a hot pan. Always make certain pots and pans are perfectly clean to prevent food building up on old food debris which causes food to burn. One of the cooking tips you really need because this happens often.
  1. Stop Water from Boiling Over. When cooking spaghetti and pastas, rice, potatoes or cereals, a teaspoon of olive or helps stop water and porridges from boiling over. Alternatively smear a little butter around the rim of the inside of the pot.
  1. Stop Egg Whites From Breaking Out Shells When Boiling. Prick the cone top of the egg with a pin carefully before boiling the eggs which allows the air pocket to escape. Today there are egg boilers appliances available that also come with a device to prick the egg, which prevents the same from happening
  1. Cut Breads and Cakes Cleanly. Dental floss or fishing line makes a perfect cut for bread and cakes. A smooth non serrated sharp knife, lightly smeared with olive oil or butter also works very well. If you want to slice a cake in half to fill it, wait for it to cool down complete first for best results.
  1. Extract More Juice From Citrus Fruit. When you need citrus juices for a recipe the likes of lemons, organs or limes for example, roll them back and forth under the palm of your hand or lightly with your foot to soften them up. This breaks up the cells in the citrus fruits and they will produce far more juice when you squeeze them. (Don’t press down excessively to cause the fruit to break.)

6. What is the Zest of Fruit? Lots of recipes mention adding zest of citrus fruit, but many are not certain what this means. “zest” of a citrus fruit, refers to the outer part of the skin, which contains aromatic citrus oils. The zest gives the recipe a tangy hint. The easiest way to produce zest is using a cheese grater, but don’t grate all the way through and end up adding the pith which is the white inner skin.

7.Missing a Recipe Ingredient? When you are missing an ingredient from a recipe your shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with an alternative. Your own ideas can add flair and flavor to a recipe, and if the result is amazing, make a note on what you did to the recipe. Obviously you cannot change the major recipe ingredients but minor ones shouldn’t be a problem in most cases. Another of those cooking tips that will really come in handy. This often happens…

8. Salted Butter Or Unsalted butter. You can buy butter unsalted or with added salt. Salted butter is said to have a longer shelf life but when you use it with recipes that pinch of salt may not be necessary. Unsalted butter gives you more control where it concerns salted flavoring of the dish you are preparing, and importantly, also controls excessive salt intake too.


9. Cut Meat Chick and Fish with Kitchen Scissors. Sharp kitchen scissors are handy for lots more than just opening packaging. Use them to trim off meat fats, cut up chicken into portions, slice open fish and other foods items. You can even cut up perfectly sized portions using kitchen scissors. Make sure you keep them clean and very sharp.

10. Organize your Recipes. You can keep your recipes neatly stored in files using plastic sleeves that are now readily available at stationery stores. With new technology you can now even keep your recipe collections on your laptop, tab or home computer. If you love using recipes often print out your favorite ones and buy a photo album that has the sticky sheets. Place each printed recipe on a page, and when you use the recipe b album to cook with they will not.

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