10 Tips for Effective Stress Relief. Kill Your Stress Before it Kills YOU!

Stress Relief

Apply These 10 Tips for Effective Stress Relief

Stress is a Modern day Killer…Practice Simple Stress Relief Tips That Can Save Your Life

Stress is a part of our daily lives ranging from financial stress to family issues, career stress to worrying about what we read in the media and see on television.

Add to this technology stress with the prevalence of social media in our lives and you have a stress time bomb inside you which can cause you to develop illnesses, some serious ones and even life-threatening ones.

If you are a worry wart then you need to apply some simple yet effective stress relief methods which are not hard to do yet are up to you to apply if you want to start living a calmer more balanced lifestyle. Here are 10 tips for effective stress relief which you can incorporate into your daily life and with some practice, you will find they will be invaluable in helping to slow life down and start living again.

  1. You Deserve to Take Time Outs.

When was the last time you took a peaceful vacation or a long weekend away to a place that is peaceful and stimulating? Many people put off getting away from it all because of career pressures and often due to unplanned issues which keep cropping up to disrupt your life. The vacation is great to relieve stress but the planning is equally effective in reducing stress, and looking forward to it even more delicious.

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  1. Learn What Causes your Stress and Address These Causes.

It is important to identify the causes of your stress and even better write these down and pen in ideas on how you can address them. It has been proven over and over again by the experts that when you have problems written down on paper they seem less daunting and unsolvable. It also helps to do some brainstorming with your partner, family, friends and colleagues to find ways of solving problems and alleviating your stress triggers.

  1. Leave the Past and Failures Behind.

We all like to reminisce about the ‘ifs, and the should have done’ especially when things go wrong. Practising mindfulness meditation is a way to help you let go of the past and leave it there to live in the moment.

The past where you believe you should have done this or that can be a burden. Sometimes we ignore good advice from well-meaning people and wonder whether we should have listened, and if we had would it have been better for us. Learning to live in the moment and let go the past is an effective stress relief method!

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  1. Get Some Me Time: Peace and Quiet.

In modern rushed lifestyles finding moments of peace can be difficult, but you need to take time out and enjoy a place of stillness. Visiting a quiet park, sitting in the garden and watching the birds or nature, or practicing meditation and yoga can all be great time outs. Set aside these times and make them become part of your routine and you will start finding you are less stressed out.

  1. Practice Good Rest and Sleep Routine.

Your body functions better when it has a routine and this applies to bedtime as well.  Winding down at night means avoiding technology like TV and mobile phones, or working on your computer and laptop. Get rid of technology in the bedroom, calm yourself down into a state of sleepiness and enjoy a good night’s rest. Try and make your bedtime the same time every night and you will find that you start sleeping better and waking up refreshed every morning.

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  1. Eat better, Cut Down On Fast Foods

Better nutrition habits don’t have to be an unappetizing chore. Just try and make healthier choices where you can and have a balance in your diet that makes sure you get all the fruit and vegetables your body needs. A good multivitamin helps if you have bad eating habits in boosting your immune system. By cooking your own meals naturally improves your food choices and is also a calming part of your daily routine. Avoid laziness which is always choosing the fast food option because your excuse you are too tired to cook.

  1. Moderate Activity Exercise.

Most people cringe when they read this which comes at you in every health magazine, for every diet plan and healthy lifestyle. You don’t need to join a gym because walking is sufficient exercise, housework, spring cleaning, swimming and many other enjoyable activities.

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  1. Laugh and Dance Often.

Having a good laugh helps release endorphins which are the good chemicals that relieve stress. You can find humor in a good movie comedy, reading a funny book, watching funny videos on YouTube or sharing jokes with your friends. Learn to share a genuine smile with others and you will get one back which makes you feel better too.

  1. Plan your Life Better.

When you plan appointments properly, manage your job or career better and other commitments are all allocated to proper times you start feeling in better control of your life. Sure there are always going to be unforeseen things that crop up but if you have planned well they can be fitted into your life smoothly.  Keep a magnetic whiteboard on your fridge to remind you of things you need to do, upcoming appointments and other things that need to be done and your stress levels of feeling rushed and overloaded will decrease. Planning life properly is a vital and effective stress relief tool

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  1. Learn Gratitude be Thankful

Gratitude is a powerful way to release stress and you should learn to go over all the things in life that you are thankful for. Be thankful, say your prayers and be thankful and tell others you are thankful and you will start feeling better about your life. The worst thing you can do is make comparisons and desire what others have because this causes comparison anxiety.

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Finding effective stress relief is important to prevent illness and disruption in your life.  Chronic stress means that your flight response switch in your brain stays on releasing bad chemicals in your body that can damage your immune system. Stress works on your stomach causing digestive problems, has been proven to be a trigger for cancer, causes high blood pressure and other dangerous diseases that can cause death.

Now that you know this you will agree that some small ways of practicing the effective stress relief methods are vital if you want to live a happier, more b balanced life where you are in control.



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