6 Important Emergency Preparedness Questions: (Planning your Survival Food and Survival Gear)

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Emergency Preparedness A Wise Decision; Survival Food and Survival Gear.

How to Survive Disasters with Emergency Preparedness


Will You be Able To Survive the Next Catastrophe/Disaster?

Do you ever think about survival for you and your family in the event of a major world catastrophe?

Do you have survival food and survival gear tucked away somewhere just in case? A small investment in your survival will give you peace of mind of being prepared for you and your family to survive…

Surviving Major Blackouts

There are lots of scary TV series about worldwide disasters the likes of nuclear war aftermaths, about deadly viral diseases which wipe out most of the human race, germ warfare pandemics, and even zombies.  Perhaps you have seen some like ‘The Last Ship’ ‘Containment’ and ‘12 Monkeys’ for some examples? What about the recent movie ‘Viral’ for another good example

We may scoff and believe these things will never happen, but did we ever believe we would have portable mini-computers/cell phones 10 years ago like we have today when they showed them in movies?

Sure they are all just movies but it does make you wonder what would REALLY happen if they became the reality? In most of these TV series and movies, there are always survivors those that had the foresight to be prepared to survive if the worst happened.

Survival Gear

What about the REAL terrorism that is rocking the world right now? Stuff like recent airport bombings, terrorist attacks in France, the immigration crisis, natural disasters like earth quakes and adverse catastrophic weather? A little planning to make sure that you have survival food and survival gear to survive a disaster is sensible yet too few people even think about this.

Getting Survival Food and Survival gear Together

You will find some excellent guidelines for survival food and survival gear and further information on emergency preparedness here, and reading some tips and guidelines is vital to plan survival right.

6 important questions you should ask yourself:

  • Will you be able to survive a major extended power outage?
  • Would you and your family have sufficient supplies for area quarantine?
  • Would you be able to survive being stranded because all major transport was halted?
  • Will you survive a major weather event or earthquake?
  • Can you defend yourself against looting, destruction, rape and killing in Major catastrophes?
  • Can you survive being cut off from access to any of basic human needs for an extended period?

These are just a few basic questions but if you sit down and really think about survival it is quite scary to realize that you have nothing at all in place concerning being prepared…

It is vital to know what survival food and survival gear you need that is suitable for surviving any event, and there are some basics for survival that you should have to start with.

You should know what proper long term emergency storage looks like, and not just think you have enough when in reality it could just be enough for a few days at best.

How to Survive

Proper planning and calculating just how much survival food and survival gear you need for long-term survival does not have to cost you a fortune if you know what you are doing.

Invest in emergency preparedness guides that will teach you exactly how to survive and what is the best investment in long term storage where it concerns survival food and survival gear.

Guides that you should keep on hand and even print will have the information to help you perform the crucial survival activities, and most importantly plan survival food and survival gear and proper safe storage facilities to weather any crisis.

Survival food guides will help you learn to calculate nutritional needs per person for adults and for children that will keep them alive, and healthy to survive even long term disasters. Survival food and survival gear is at the top of the list to survive but you also need medical survival gear, and the basics of utilities like light, self-defence, and communication equipment too.

Basic Guide to Emergency Preparedness

Invest in advice for surviving and learning about safely storing, keeping and protecting your survival food and gear and this will certainly give you peace of mind for you and your family. Within this article there are links to the top survival pages where you can watch videos and start your survival planning, definitely a wise buy decision right now.

Survival Guide

Use these guides and access information even suitable for absolute beginners showing what to do to start stockpiling emergency survival food and survival gear with additional insights for the best laid out emergency preparedness plans.

Just as you seen in many past terrorist attacks, and natural world disasters and events like earthquakes proper emergency preparedness has to save many lives. In major catastrohopes, even the government may be powerless to help the average citizen and when these happen as you have seen in some TV series and even reality looting, killing rape, theft, and crime increase because of the rules of law collapse.

When it comes to that it is every person for themselves and for those that had the foresight for emergency preparedness, survival food and survival gear, proper defence and other plans you have put into place will allow you to survive.

Survival Food and Survival gear



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