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Smart Tips to Slow Down Ageing and to Live a Fuller Happier Life!

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You Can Slow Down Natural Ageing with a Few Simple Lifestyle Hacks…

From the moment you are born you begin ageing, and when you are old enough to understand, you will realize that the way you treat your body is going to contribute how fast you age.

If you want to slow down ageing you don’t have to go overboard and live a totally depressing life trying to do everything perfectly.

Just a few minor lifestyle changes are all it will take!

How do we age?

Your body ages in three different ways which are:

  • Chronologically: The actual time that passes in years.
  • Biologically: Your body, skeletal structure, heart, brain, skin
  • Psychologically: Your mind and how you feel and think

To slow down ageing and live a full happy life, the passing of time can just remain a number, while you can address ways of taking care of the biological and psychological ways you grow old to slow down the ageing process.

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Just changing your lifestyle in minor ways for the better like we have outlined below can drastically affect how well you are going to age.

There may often be people you bump into that are old chronologically but they look half their age, and you might wonder what the secrets is? Read on…

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You may immediately stop reading further when I mention that you can slow down ageing biologically with changes in diet and exercise but wait, neither has to be huge changes in your current lifestyle…

a) In the nutrition field what you can change a little to slow down ageing  is quite easy.

This is to slightly cut down on your consumption of fats, cholesterol rich foods and processed foods, while only consuming fried foods and sweet foods as a treat.

Just cut these down a bit is all you need to do, and start opting for healthier choices which you will be surprised to find are just as tasty.

Go for meats like chicken, fish and pork, and slow down on red meats and lamb and very much on processed meats.

When you prepare meat it is just as tasty grilled, rather than fried, and you don’t need to cut out fried and other sweet foods out completely but, just limit these, and the bad boys a bit.

The proverbial increase in fruit and vegetables is the next part of your diet you should take more notice of so be more aware that you get what you need in this nutrition.

Lastly, do cut down on sugar a little bit, and take notice of how much fizzy drinks you drink and the amount of sugar you put into coffee and teas…

b) Don’t keep telling, or dwelling on how old you are chronologically, because remember your mind is a powerful thing and will give you what you want so make you age faster to match your age. Odd enough but fact!

Think young, and do young to slow down ageing.

Get moving, and start swimming, going for walks, exploring new places, trying out new hobbies and taking some risks, which will make that adrenaline rush come and revitalize your system. Laugh often, go dancing, get out into the fresh air, change your job, play with children or attend school functions.

Keep your brain energized by challenging it with new games, stay abreast of new technology, and play apps that make your brain work hard.

Make new friends and greet people even strangers with friendliness and a smile. These small things you do mentally will affect your mentally ageing process and slow down ageing because your mind affects your whole body in well being.

c)There certainly are use medical ways to slow down ageing, and we are not talking about facelifts or surgery.

There are no real medical scientific ways to slow down ageing but there are anti ageing skin care natural products you can use to protect your skin, vitamins to supplement your body and boost immune systems, and power up your body metabolism.

Add natural sunlight with fresh air, and so some occasional moderate exercise which keeps your body moving.

When you suffer from minor ailments seek out natural cures and remedies before reaching for chemical pills and potions and your body will thank you for that.

There are many products on the market that promise to help slow down ageing and some do work while others are temporary solutions and even harmful.

Anti ageing skin creams with natural formulations are used by women to protect and keep skin youthful and today even men are using them to slow down the ageing of the biggest organs on our body.

The most important ways to slow down ageing are those we have discussed above so surely just a few minor lifestyle changes are going to be worth it in staying youthful while living life to the maximum?

Practice any form of exercise and you will start seeing results that help the body and mind remain youthful. Also always be more aware of what you put into your mouth and you will live a long happier balanced life to over 300 🙂


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