Being Savings Concious

Spend Your money Wisely to Save Money

If you are vigilant and thrifty then you will no doubt have noticed the subtle increases in prices every time you go shopping. Mostly, this is a few cents here and there almost every week on the majority of food and consumable items. Sometimes increases can be a lot more than that on particular items as well. All it takes for the price of most goods to increase substantially is a hike in the gasoline price. After all trucks are used to deliver goods, and fuel is used to manufacture them as well.

Always look at where it is possible to save money.

Looking for comparisons in prices between different goods for the same type of items can save you quite a bit of money when it comes to brand name products. Another way of saving is by purchasing the special offers when they do come out, and then buying in bulk if you have the means to do so. Items that have an extensive shelf life are great in this aspect, and in the long term you will save money buy storing these because you will not have to buy them again for quite some time. For example if you have pets and buy tinned food like dog food and cat food; it can cost you at least 10% less when bought by the case than it does when bought at the single can price, and if you wait for close out prices you save a whole lot more than that.

Store long shelf Life items in a cool dry place at home

Set aside some storage space; perhaps in a little used closet in your home, and make a list of things that you use regularly which have a long shelf life. Any grain or grain products will need to be stored in airtight containers that rats can’t get into so keep that in mind. Goods like Coffee and tinned foods can also keep for quite a few years, but when you do use them; use in the order from the oldest to the newest purchases last. Look in the local publications and media for specials on these types of items and work out how much you can afford in bulk on each one. Try and spread your money in such a way to get a number of different items in bulk.

Special Offers on clothing save you money

It is possible to also save money on certain items of clothing for your family when there are special offers or close out sales. You can buy clothing items such as men’s socks and underwear, because those styles don’t change. You can also buy towels, linen and other items when they are cheap. Unfortunately children grow out of their clothing too fast and women’s clothing changes fashion too often so it is not possible in this case.

Always be savings conscious.

When ever you do go shopping always be as savings conscious as possible. As the old saying goes take care of your pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.

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