Entertain Your Friends With Delicious Cocktails Like a Pro Bartender With Microbar (UK Only)

Cocktail Micro Boxes

Fabulous Cocktails Delivered to Your Door UK.

Awesome Drinks To Entertain and Wow Your Mates!

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Cocktails Delivered

Grab Your Monthly Cocktail Bar In a Box Delivered to Your Door UK ONLY.

Every discerning connoisseur of delicious cocktails knows how expensive they can be when at restaurants, clubs or pubs, but the taste sensations of these popular drinks are so good you simply cannot resist spending the money to order more than a few when out and about. ‘Get Wise Buys’ is proud to introduce our newest partner¬† Micro-Bar Box , and as professional bartenders ourselves, we give them two thumbs up for this unique concept.

You are going to be thrilled with these awesome mini bar cocktail boxes delivered right to your doorstep just like we are, and when you are keen to enjoy a perfect cocktail just mix, pour and savour at a fraction of the price you would pay at bars, clubs or in restaurants!

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MicroBarBox with recipe card

Now you can enjoy the convenience of having cocktail mixes to create your favourite cocktails or even experiment to make new taste sensations of your own.

Recipe cards are enclosed in case you have never mixed cocktails before but after a few mixes, you will soon master the art of creating stunningly delectable cocktails for yourself and your guests.

Best of all these delightful mini bar boxes come at a fraction of what you would pay if you had to buy each individual spirit and cocktail mix separately and rest assured that all the contents of these mini bars are the best quality on the market.

If you love entertaining friends or enjoying a special cocktail after work then you will have access to superior quality spirits and mixes to make sensationally delicious cocktails to savour every drop while you relax.Cocktails delivered to your door

These exciting Micro bar subscriptions are an excellent and unusual gift for someone special or even a corporate gift that delight anyone.

Each month you can look forward to new cocktail mixes in your subscription box or if you have particular preferences this can also be arranged.

Have a look at what these micro mini cocktail boxes include below and order yours today to be amazed.

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MicroBarBox brands

When you have parties or entertain friends this summer you can mix wonderful cocktails that will make you look like a pro bartender, and you can try out the different drinks and eventually find one that is your favourite.

The beautifully packaged micro bar boxes are a wonderful gift as you can see below and you can certainly give it as a birthday gift, or gift for anyone with complete confidence.

In addition, you can browse the different featured products at Micro-Bar and order direct.



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