Cut Up your Credit Cards And Use Cash for Debt Freedom!

How to Manage Your Debt

Cut Up the Credit Cards & Pay off Your Loans!

Debt Freedom

Stay Away from using Credit Cards and Loans!

Unpaid credit cards are the worst kind of debt because of the high interest rates on the debit balances, and just paying your minimum balance will get you nowhere! Understand your debt and once you do you will know how to get rid of it step by step. Click Here

I am stressing this point in all my posts like a stuck record to get rid of credit cards because you stay in a never-ending cycle of pay and use all the time!

If you can manage one, then keep one but no more. All excess money can be put into it as well.

Personally, I cut all mine up and I do miss them a bit but it is my first step to rehabilitation. I do miss them though!

Stop using the cards to pay for all the attractive special offers and think twice before buying. Do I really need the item?. Pay more than the minimum balance every month and do not use the money you now have as re-credit again. Focus on paying off one card at a time.

Cut the credit card up you want to pay off first and work on paying this one off. Where it comes to long term loans just pay a little extra every month and you will see soon begin to see the difference. Eventually, you can even skip a month and pay more money towards something else.

Get Rid of your debt starting today

Carefully plan your approach to paying off your debt with a managed budget plan of attack. You need to stick to this plan every step of the way.

When the unforeseen debt comes up do not panic and use the credit card again. Rather look for an alternative first like previously mentioned.

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A second income can be useful to get rid of credit card debt and the internet offers vast amounts of ways of earning an extra income. There are also a few links on this blog you can take advantage of.

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Work your plan of action out carefully to pay off your debt any way possible and then stick to it without compromise.……………….

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