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Survival Gear

Have you Been Watching the News Lately?

Earthquakes in Italy, Floods in China, hurricanes in Florida, tsunami warnings in New Zealand after the recent earthquakes there too…

These are warnings of increases in natural disasters, and people that have the foresight and want to protect their families to survive, are making emergency preparedness plans, and building survival kits. Now you have the chance to start your emergency preparedness plan with free survival kits and gear, so there is NO excuse!

Thousands of lives are lost to disasters each year, families split up, property destroyed and pets lost, and afterwards, people, governments and disaster organizations wonder what could have been prepared better to save more lives.

Those that have any sense will start building survival kits and considering the ease that this can be done online there is no reason to put it off.

As a matter of fact, caring societies, and organizations even offer FREE survival kits, information downloads of emergency preparedness guides and advice for those that are sensitive enough to listen.

*( NOTE: At the time of Publishing there are limited free Survival kits left, and these are shipped on a first come, first serve basis!)

Free Survival Gear

I Wish I Had Prepared …

Survival kits can make all the difference in saving yours and your family’s lives, and when you have made emergency preparedness plans, then you will have peace of mind that in a state of emergency, everyone in the family knows what to do!

If you live in an earthquake-prone district, then consider planning survival kits to suit this scenario.

However, the basics of every survival kit for emergency preparedness are the same so you can start with that and build it out to what makes you feel satisfied. (Visit the survival website below, and grab the MUST have special offer Urban Survival cards as featured on the Glenn Beck TV Show recently too!)

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Survival Gear

What should be the basic necessities of survival gear and kits for Human beings to survive? The simple answer is:

  • Water to drink… so you need procurement and purification tools, and accessories.
  • Fire and light… so you need fire starting gear, preferably waterproof types, and basic lighting,  in the form of solar powered/batter flashlights for examples.
  • Shelter… so you should have compact tarps, ropes to secure it, or even compact tents that fold up super small and are lightweight use in mountaineering.
  • Medical basics for injuries and illness… so a basic first aid kit should be put together. (Add chronic medicine if  someone in the family requires this!)
  • Food …which comes in long term storage foods, and MRE foods, ration packs and vitamins, plus have a guide on food procurement, and what can be eaten in the wild if it comes to that.

All survival kits should at least contain these basics, and once you have your survival kits complete, then plan a safe place to store them.. even at two locations options, one on site, and one off-site.

Survival Gear

Your Family Survival Plans & Evacuation.

Your family not only needs to know where your survival kits are kept but also your emergency evacuation plan, as well as a agreed upon meeting spot in case you are separated.

This point is absolutely vital because when all Hell breaks loose and chaos ensures everyone MUST know what to do… Unforeseen disasters striking = Panic and chaos… Teach your family well!

There is some excellent free survival gear which you can find here at the links provided, which cover some of the 15 basics in items, and all you need to do is pay the shipping, and if you like add the optional guide too.

There are also items often overlooked in survival kits, like self-defence basic equipment, signalling mirrors, a compass, insect repellents, surgical blades , binoculars, plastic bags, space blankets, and safety pins which are very handy in more ways than one.

The choices are yours when it concerns emergency preparedness for survival, but as mentioned before, the internet makes it infinitely easier to get all the products you need to consider doing it sooner rather than later!

Start by ordering the FREE survival kits which are in limited numbers available by visiting THIS WEBSITE and have a look at all the survival gear resources you will find that is vital to save your life.

.Survival Gear

Man-made and natural disasters are on the rise, and it’s impossible not to know about them considering they are all over the media.

You cannot put your head in the sand and not have some sort of emergency preparedness plan in place! Consider ordering the very basics in free survival kits for a start, and then plan what you need for survival putting together all the basics.



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