Easter at Cadbury’s UK? I Don’t Think So!

Easter at Cadburys

Easter  is Not Happening at Cadbury’s This Year…

Easter at Cadburys

Did Cadbury’s cater for the Easter Rush… No Seems They couldn’t be Bothered!

Easter is celebrated everywhere and sweet and chocolate suppliers are well aware this means  an increase in demand for Easter eggs and treats. especially from the little ones…

Those that know me are aware that I am a number one chocolate lover through and through…and up until now have mostly ordered from Cadburys the  UK website to send to family in the United Kingdom.  I have also always chosen Cadbury’s when shopping in conventional stores too…

Cadbury’s looking at my order history will tell you I have not spared cost in making sure everyone has a happy chocolaty Easter. Imagine my disgust on trying to order from them this year. Shocking for this special time of the year…

What excuse will they come up with for their appalling  services I experienced this time? Naturally I am a patient man… so applied on their website chat to see what alternatives could be offered… After waiting for a while for a consultant…that avenue was also slammed closed in my face….What a joke.

Anyway I have posted an email I have sent to them below so you can see what sort of experiences I encountered….

Cadburys at Easter

Greetings… from a HUGELY disappointed Customer,

I would like to express my absolute disgust to everyone at Cadburys at Easter UK Suppliers! On attempting to order Easter gifts for my family, almost everything I come across is out of stock…
I mean REALLY!……………. Knowing it is Easter time surely you would accommodate the demand.
Furthermore on attempting to open a chat on your website…after waiting for sometime I was finally able to get into contact with one of your agents ( Name Withheld)…. and on my questioning instead of replying or offering alternatives….he promptly closed the chat. 
Employees offering this service leave little to be desired.
I have ordered from Cadbury’s smoothly in the past, with great assistance from one of your consultants (Name withheld). 
After this type of service, trust me its goodbye...and ten thumbs down!
Oh…. and I will be sharing this appalling services with all my fans… 
Hope you also don’t end up being frustrated simply trying to buy Easter gifts for your family… Fortunately there are many faster, better more efficient services, and value for money suppliers easily found online!

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