Eating Organic foods Does Not Mean Becoming a Vegetarian!

Organic Foods

Organic Foods; The Better Choice.

Genetically modified foods and mass produced foods are full of chemicals one way or another, with fruit and vegetables still having traces of pesticides in them and because they are grown with unnatural fertilizers the benefits in eating them are reduced.

Organic foods are grown without using artificial pesticides and fertilizers and antibiotics, growth hormones and other genetically modified organisms.

It is sad that organic foods have been made more expensive, that the alternatives because they are less readily available but fortunately as people have become more educated, they are becoming more widely available and cheaper too.

Your immune system derives far more benefit from organic foods, and the differences is quite blatant ranging from the improved taste and flavors and through scientific tests have been proven to have higher vitamin and mineral contents.

Will You Benefit from Changing your Diet to Organic Foods?

Of course you will but it takes some careful vigilance on your part and knowledge on where you can buy them. You also need to read the ingredients list diligently and make sure that they have the stamp of certification on them that they ARE organic.

Pesticides and unnatural fertilizers residues and GM foods have a negative impact on your health, besides aiding in the buildup of toxins in your body organs. Studies have shown that there are adverse effects from being exposed to pesticides ranging from immune system suppression to higher incidence of illnesses.

Large scale production of foods have less nutrients and benefits compared to organic foods, a fact proven over and over again through scientific studies.

Look for organic foods, which can even include meats and free range products like chickens, eggs, and vegetables. Doing so creates a bigger demand for these products which has a ripple effect making food producers start working towards producing food products this way rather than unnaturally.

Chemicals used in producing food will thus be used less and less and this will prevent contamination of water tables from toxic runoff, soil contamination and leeching, and the death of insects necessary to keep nature balanced all helping heal our badly damaged environment.


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