Save Our Trees! Go Paperless With These Amazing Reusable Notebooks and Office Supplies!

Paperless Office Supplies

Grab These Trendy Reusable Erasable Notebooks and Accessories for Businesses, Students, and Individuals!

Save Our Trees With Resusable Notebooks

Go Paperless and Save Our Forests with These Erasable Notebooks and Office Supplies!

Companies and individuals that are going paperless are doing their bit to save the resources of our planet, and this is a great step forward for future generations. We are losing forests at alarming rates just to make paper and you can make your contribution by using less any way possible!

Get Wise Buys is pleased to introduce Newyes the premium supplier of paperless technology in reusable diaries, erasable notebooks, tablets, mini boards and related office supplies all at superb prices.

Find state of the art LCD writing boards and erasable notebooks that are convenient to use in line with today’s digital technology and erasable smart notebooks are now the in trending buy for business executives, students, and those that are conscious of the number of trees and earth resources used to create paper products.

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Erasable Note Books

Neweyes have a range of awesome office supplies and erasable notebooks for every conceivable purpose, and now have provided internet technology to make it simple to find anything in products of this nature; from a notebook to mini presentation boards and LCD notebooks.

These use erasable ink pens and special cloth which can be used numerous times while also offering additional features of uploading the information you wish to save into the cloud via applications.

These handy devices are not only for offices and business either but super for children and the erasable features are great although there is an option you can use the smart save feature to store large amounts of data in a few simple steps.

This superb supplier offers a vast selection of superior quality erasable notebooks and diaries to choose from, in many different materials, colours, sizes, and configurations available with protective cases for each model.

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Erasable Notebooks and Office Supplies

The LCD writing tablets and erasable notebooks are easy to use and compact to be stored in your handbag, briefcases and even in your pocket in the mini sizes options. There are also great writing boards for kids too and they will love being able to use them again and again for drawing writing and doing schoolwork.

Reusable erasable notebooks and boards are great investments to make your contribution to going paperless to save our forests and you will be delighted to find them exceptional value for money.

Manage your business appointments, keep notes and save information with a top quality erasable notebook that can be used numerous times.

Some Features of these notebooks and tablets include:

  1. Different options in choices and sizes of erasable notebooks with multiple page options.
  2. Writing with erasable ink pens that can be cleaned off pages afterwards by means of a damp cloth/paper/napkin, erasable pen tip or hot hair drier.
  3. Page options: 40 and up to 50 pages college ruled A4 A5 A6 A7.
  4. Letter Sizes: 25 x 17.6 cm / 9.8 x 6.9 inches which is perfect for students, architects, office workers, and anyone who uses paper to record information or notes regularly.
  5. Offers Smart cloud storage function with the download “CamScanner” app, which is used to store your notes to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Box, OneNote, iCloud and email as per preferences.
  6. Single notebooks can be reused 500 times which is your contribution to save and protect the environment, while you also save money buying new notebooks each time or paper books for your kids and students.

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Reusable Notebooks and Diaries

Whether you need to erasable notebooks for managing appointments in letter size or an A4 sheet sized board for a presentation folder, Newyes can supply you in any quantity you need for business individuals or a great gift for kids to learn how smart it is to save paper to protect the earth resources.

For your top quality, erasable notebook and complementing office accessories choose these great products to start saving paper and spread the word to others to do the same.

There is definitely the right size, shape, and type of erasable notebook available, and Neweyes offers the best choice, quality and ranges currently online today!

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Erasable Notebooks and Boards




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