Healthier Food Choices For a Longer Life!


Making Healthier Food Choices.

Fast food is convenient, time saving, and often cheap too but it is the worst food choice to make for you and your family. Even if you enjoy fast food there are healthier food choices to make, but the best choice is trying to minimize, or avoid eating them altogether

Healthier food choices are common sense going without saying that fresh natural organic if possible vegetables, fruits, and grains are best. The simple benefits are that they are lower in fat and cholesterol, and most importantly are not laced in dangerous chemicals. There is a natural way to reduce cholesterol simply through proper Nutrition

Healthier food choices will decrease heart diseases, lower blood pressure reduce your body weight back to normal and provide you with more energy. Surely that’s all worth it?

Tips for Making Healthier Food Choices.

Processed foods can be convenient and have a long shelf life but that is because they are full of chemicals. Read the ingredients of these foods and you will not scientific names for them like MSG, Ascorbic acids, EQ colorants and flavorings etc.

Coconut and coconut oils are high in saturated fat, while olives and olive oils are high in monounsaturated fats and calories.  Reduce foods high in salt content often labeled as sodium because this elevates blood pressure levels.

It does not matter whether you prefer fresh or frozen vegetables because these are healthier food choices, and you can add nuts and seeds which provide the sufficient additional daily calories you need to make up the total for your body requirement for the day.

Seek out healthier food choices high in soluble fiber like oat bran, unrefined rice and pastas, oatmeal, and peas and beans. Most food labels will tell you want the ingredients are as well as the nutritional value. However it does not help getting nutritional value combined with loads of chemicals. If possible go for organic where ever you can.

Healthier food choices for you and your family give you nutrition that takes care of your body, keeps you healthy strengthens your immune system and gives you energy requirements. Reduce your meat intake, processed foods and fast foods for a start and then you are already well on the way to healthier rood choices!  Lastly, if you have a cholesterol problem that you are taking pills for , some changes to healthier food choices can change that forever!


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