Quick Healthy Meals VS Fast Foods?


You Have Heard the Saying “You Are What You Eat”

Instead of cooking being fun anymore it seems to have become more of a chore to many people and for those that are busy it is so much easier to choose fast foods.  Not only are these laced with chemicals and unnatural ingredients, they contribute to heart diseases, and all sorts of illnesses. Worst of all our children are becoming after and fatter.

Every home has a kitchen so ask yourself this: How much time have you been spending in it lately? Sure busy women with careers will have the excuse that they simply don’t have time. However there are recipes for super quick healthy meals that can be whipped up within minutes!

The Right Food Choices and Quick Healthy Meals.

Don’t fool yourself that quick healthy meals are available in any sort of fast food joint. You have no idea whether the food was hygienically handled and cooked properly. Worse are eating those fatty hamburgers and fried chicken you get from well known fast food outlets. The fats and cholesterol in them are heart diseases waiting to happen.

Perhaps you are sick of the same old song of eating more fresh fruit and vegetables and saying no to processed foods but are you disciplined enough to make simple changes to your diet and that of your family?

No one says you have to become an outright vegetarian or start a special Paleo type diet, neither does anyone say you have to go to extremes and have to eat tasteless lousy miserable meals.

A Little of everything can still produce delicious quick healthy meals!

That is the point I am sticking to in this article ‘Quick Healthy Meals’ because in our fast paced lifestyles we are eating all wrong!   Simply reducing the intake of animal products and meat already improves your health and best of all you will automatically start becoming leaner. NO DIETS ARE EVER NECESSARY

Changing the way you eat in an entirely new lifestyle is all you need to achieve your ideal weight. No diet pills or special eating ways are required.  Just start being more aware of what you put into your mouth and you will start noticing a dramatic change in your overall well being.

Healthy food will bring your blood pressure back into normal ranges, reduce the chance of getting diabetes, and make you require fewer medications because those aches and pains you are always suffering will disappear and of course you will NATURALLY lose excess weight and that is a promise…

I am not saying that you have to cut out fast food altogether.  Neither am I saying to never eat a sweet treat or chocolate again either. A little of everything in moderation is better than too much of anything.

Having said, why not start going back to using the kitchen again, to prepare healthier meals for you and your family and making cooking and eating together fun again. You CAN slow down your life even if you are a career man or woman. YOU control time… time does not control you!

So what do you want in life to feel listless and lack energy all the time, to be overweight and embarrassed while struggling to find clothes that fit? Do you want to risk illnesses even life threatening ones which increases when you eat fast foods?

You know the answer to this and only you can make the decision. If you have quick healthy meals why not submit your recipe which will be shared on this blog proudly for all to see?

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