Help With Debt by Saving on Expenses

Some ways to save money on transport and Commuting

Cars are a huge expense and these days can cost more than the average house to purchase! Breakdowns can add to your debt especially big ones.

1. Take good care of your present car; repair any problem straight away before they develop into a major expense.
2. Try and form or join a lift club, you will save a fortune yearly, as well as wear and tear on your own car.
3. Drive more slowly, the faster you drive the more petrol you use. Walk to your café or supermarket where you can. The exercise will also be good for you.
4. Service your car regularly and simply clean the air filter at least once a month. A dirty air cleaner will cause your car to be heavier on petrol as your air fuel mixture will be incorrect. The engine will use more petrol than air mix if your fuel system cannot breathe.
5. When traveling long distances take packed food with you. Eating at take away places can be expensive. Don’t console your self you are on holiday. Eating out at your destination will be more pleasurable and you will thus also have the money you saved from not eating take away on your trip.

Saving money on household expenses & utilities to help with debt


1. Turn your remote controlled devices off at the plug. Your T.V, radio, video machine still uses power even when the set is off.!!!
2. When you go on holiday for weekends or extended periods turn off your water at the main board. Check that the thermostat is set to about 6o degrees, you don’t need boiling water. Ask a plumber if you don’t know how to set it.
3. Use 60, or 40watt bulbs instead of 100 watts where you don’t need bright light such as in your bedrooms. If possible change to the fluorescent globes available although the initial cost is high, in the long run you will save hundreds of dollars on your monthly electrical bill.
4. Defrost you fridge and deep freeze regularly, build ups cause your motors to run longer.
5. TURN OFF LIGHTS THAT NEED NOT BE ON. A favorite of children. No ones in the room but all the lights are burning.
6. Use pots and pans that fit the stove plate to prevent heat loss, and when baking use a torch or oven light to check progress of the food you are cooking to avoid loss of heat by opening the oven door each time.
7. Don’t boil a whole kettle for 1 cup of tea.
8. Shower if you can, or share baths of water. 1 full bath is the equivalent of 5 long showers, believe it or waste.
Repair dripping taps, they cost you hundreds of Dollars a year.

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