Night Sweats and Hot Flushes Interfering with Peaceful Sleep? Moisture Wicking Clothing & Bedding is The Proven Solution!

Now You Can Order Stylish Moisture Wicking Clothing and Beautiful Bedding Online Using Certified Space Age Technology!

What is Moisture Wicking

What is Moisture Wicking?

So What is Moisture Wicking Clothing, Pajamas and Bedding?

If you suffer from night sweats, hot flushes sweat profusely in hot weather that interferes with peaceful sleep, take heart because you can but a range of moisture-wicking clothing and bedding from ‘Get Wise Buys’ new partner Cool Jams!

Moisture Wicking fabrics are modern technical fabrics which draw moisture away from the body and they are perfect for those that sweat profusely, for women that suffer from hot flushes at night or for those that suffer night sweats.

Moisture-wicking clothing and bedding are made of high-tech polyester, which, unlike cotton, absorbs very little water.  Cotton fabric will stick and absorb moisture like your sweat thus making your clothing, pyjamas, or bedding clammy and heavy.

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Moisture Wicking Clothing and Bedding

If you are looking for a way to battle those night sweats, hot flushes that make your bedding and clothing clammy and wet, or you want a great pair of comfortable quick drying clothing or pyjamas these specially designed microfiber clothing and pyjamas are perfect for your needs.

Cool-jams®fabric is a specially designed polyester Microfiber that has been engineered to feel like soft cotton, but has all the attributes with the fastest wicking and drying material in the world and there are not only clothing and bedding available, put pillows, mattress pads and sheets plus lots more besides.

Enjoy the amazing “cotton-like” comfortable feel,  with features of superior odour and bacterial control and moisture management. Another feature is the durability of our natural antibacterial microfiber materials that lasts 6 times longer than normal cotton fabrics and even after washing maintains colour sharpness with minimal fade.

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Moisture Wicking Bedding

Good health can mean the difference between a peaceful sleep and constant tiredness from lack of it and Moisture-wicking clothing and bedding is allergy free while it also goes a long way in protecting you from irritating dust mites and other allergy-causing pollens and dirt that may lie within your mattress if you invest in the cooling mattress pads.

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Moisture Wicking Pajamas

Many people have special requirements when it comes to clothing and bed linens for the ultimate comfort and moisture-wicking clothing and bedding are equally great for those with sensitive skins or other medical problems.

Inferior materials like nylon, for example, can cause unpleasant allergies and itching in certain individuals, so care needs to be taken when making the right choice to suit specific needs. Cool-jams®is different from other online stores because we can cater for any need in luxury top quality Moisture Wicking Clothing and Bedding bedroom and bathroom linens, so it is possible to satisfy any particular requirement at our online store with little effort.

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Moisture Wicking Mens Clothing

When you chose from Cool Jams great variety of Moisture-wicking clothing and bedding you can be assured top quality at a most affordable price.

Browse all the different types of pyjamas and travel clothing or bed sheets in a choice of lovely colours sizes and styles to suit everyone’s tastes. Women with menopause and those that sweat heavily will find this material wonderful and you will enjoy peaceful sleep every night. Learn more about moisture-wicking and how it can benefit you and your family on their website by clicking below.

Moisture Wicking Clothing and Beddings

If you have a baby and live in a hot climate this innovative clothing and bedding is perfect for baby too. Here are some of the great features of this special clothing and bedding:

  • Feels Like Cotton on your skin
  • Controls Body Temperature
  • Wrinkle-free and durable
  • Wicks away moisture fast
  • Cool Breathable Fabric
  • Static-free properties
  • Machine Washable
  • Shrinkage resistant
  • Strong and Durable
  • Snag resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Drying
  • Perfect for travel
  • Super Soft and Comfortable
  • Natural Anti-bacterial and Anti-Microbial Treatment

Outlast bedding ranges offered by Cool-jams™ are state of the art temperature-regulating and very effective for helping with night sweats and nighttime temperature control for your body. The Rayon range from bamboo bedding uses the natural cooling, wicking and antimicrobial properties of bamboo and this is what makes our products so effective.

Moisture Wicking Travel Clothing

These products are cooler to the touch and on your body than cotton, and they will wick away the heat and moisture faster than cotton and are naturally antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Not only are they super effective for women that suffer from hot flushes and those with excessive night sweats, but they are the softest most comfortable sheets, blankets and pillowcases that you will ever feel. Browse the exciting collection of bamboo rayon sheets,  duvets and coverlets and pillowcases, as well as our clothing in pyjamas and travel apparel.

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Moisture Wicking Womens Pajamas

What Can You Expect from Moisture Wicking Clothing and Bedding?

Temperature-regulating: The Outlast by Cool-jams™ technology will proactively manage heat while controlling the production of moisture before it begins. When your body is hot, it absorbs excess heat, and when your body cools down, it releases the heat. You can call this a phase-change technology, rather than a wicking technology.

Certified Space Technology: The ‘Certified Space Technology’ seal is issued by The Space Foundation. This ‘outlast technology’ was originally developed for NASA and now is used in a variety of bedding products offered by Cool-jams™.

High Comfort ratings: Our Cool-jams™ by Outlast products carry gold or silver comfort ratings to designate how much heat and moisture management they provide for easy choices.

A gold rating offers the highest possible amount of heat and moisture management.

The Silver-rated products provide slightly less and are meant to supplement compared to the gold-rated products.

Generally speaking, the more ‘Outlast fibres’ used in the product, the higher the comfort rating.

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