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Besides making your hands and feet look beautiful, nails also have a function which are to protect your fingers and to improve dexterity. The condition of your nails can also tell you a lot about your health, and while you are ill your nails may be discolored and lifeless in appearance.

During your daily life people will notice your hands and nails and today modern men and women take great pains in keeping their nails well groomed. You are going to be delighted with our newest partner that offers the widest range of nail and beauty supplies all at exceptional; value for money with an amazing summer sale.

Ladies, spas, nail salons and beauty specialists do not need to look any further when it comes to the best possible nail supplies online, and if you want to shop for your personal manicures and pedicures you will find the largest collections of the latest nail supplies.

Melody Susie is able to supply you with everything you need from nail stickers to nail care treatments, beauty products and accessories and even wigs.

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‘Get Wise Buys’ definitely recommends this one-stop nail supplies partner and you can save even more when you take advantage of the special discounts on their website. No doubt you will prefer to have all the state of the art nail supplies and accessories in line with the latest in fashion trends, and if so Melody Susie will delight you with their easy to browse online store featuring all the beauty categories for smart shopping.

Women take as much care of their nails as they do for their hair and staying current with fashion trends is simply a must. Finding the best quality beauty products at the best possible prices can be a chore online. We are happy to feature this premium beauty partner as they are able to offer such a wide range of products all in one great store.

Nail art is becoming enormously popular all over the world after originating in Japan and you will see some women sporting incredibly beautiful and artfully done nails.

You can do your own nail art by means of using nail stickers, nail decals, special nail varnishes and sometimes even by hand but this does take a lot more time than normal and can end up being extremely expensive as well.

When you have a browse the Melody Susie ranges you can select the nail supplies category and have a look at some of their high quality nail products with enough choices to pull of any look.

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Nail Supplies Drills and Driers

With the right nail supplies you are able to meet any desires of your clients for luscious beautiful nails and at Melody Susie we have a large enough selection of nails to satisfy the most discerning tastes.

Makeup and nails are an art and courses are offered at colleges and universities. After you have a diploma you can qualify as a beautician if you love the beauty niche. Best of all you will know where to shop for deluxe products for your salon or personal use so don’t forget to bookmark this site now.

It is possible for you to do an expert job for any pedicure and manicure whether for your self or someone if you have your own spa or salon that specializes in beauty care as long as you have the right nail supplies but no spa or nail salon should ever be without enough stock.

During holiday seasons and special events, nail salons are very busy and if you do not have enough nail supplies you will be letting your clients down.

Here are some tips for keeping your nails beautiful:

It is not that hard to keep your nails healthy and looking beautiful and if you generally take care of your body and health properly it will show in the appearance of your nails too.
You use your hands and nails for everyday tasks to pick things up, typing if you are a secretary, for scratching an itch and they are natural protection for the ends of your fingers.

1. Do not abuse your nails like using them for can openers, screwdrivers, or scraping tools.

2. Take some time every day to apply a quality moisturizer to your hands and nails, and whether you are a girl or a guy this should be a daily habitual routine anyway. Moisturizers not only nourish the skin but also strengthen it and this applies to your nails as well. Nail biting is a bad habit that can become so bad that you do it unconsciously. This causes serious damage to your nails, and may even cause a nail infection, so investigate the different methods and treatments to stop nail biting if you suffer from this problem.

3. Keep your nails clean and well trimmed because there is nothing worse than dirty unkempt nails in men and women which makes it appear as though you cannot be bothered to groom yourself.

4. Decide which is the best nail cut for your nails to suit the shape of your hands and feet and stick to using this cut style when grooming your nails. The most common cut style is to trim nails straight across, and afterwards file them down to the thick area.

5. Use a cuticle pusher or orange stick as it is commonly called for pushing cuticles back, a nail file for filing, clippers and scissors for trimming and so on.

6. Make sure you protect your hands and nails by using proper rubber gloves for washing up in harsh dish-washing liquids, soaps and other chemicals you may use in daily life.

7. Some people have very brittle or weak nails and if you suffer from this condition keep your nails short and well trimmed. If your nail breaks or tears then take immediate steps to trim off the broken section and file the broken nail carefully and neatly to prevent more damage.

8. If your nail breaks off then do not bite off the section that is still sticking out but rather use a nail clipper. Using your teeth can tear the nail even further back and even damage the cuticle and front of the nail bed.

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