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Safety Balloons UK

Exciting Whimsical Colourful Safety Balloons for Kids!

Safety Balloons UK

Kinds love balloons and can enjoy hours of fun playing with them but unfortunately they can also be a hazardous toy for infants and small children. Children love to hug their balloons  and when this happens the  balloons popping in a small Child’s face can cause them to get a huge fright, while also offering a possible injury to their eyes if this happens to close to their faces.

Besides this problem the tiny pieces of rubber put into little mouths can be a choking hazard which could even cause death. Of course parents are apprehensive that children bouncing their balloons balloons all over the house could cause damage to televisions or other prized ornaments. All the hazards balloons cause can now be overcome with the exciting safety balloons an innovation designed by a leading UK firm BubaBloon which was recently featured on Dragons Den BBC during late August.

Kids and parents will Love the New Safety Balloons Invention Called Bubaloon

The perfect fun toy gift for parties’ special occasions, advertising and branding has always been the simple balloon which is a versatile colorful plaything that will delight children. Bubaloon is a perfect washable balloon cover  for balloons that be kept in your handbag to cover balloons given to your child at parties, promotional events, giving parents peace of mind for their child while playing with balloons. Being lightweight BubaBloon safety balloons covers they bounce like a balloon ball; can be thrown like a ball and the shape will vary according to the types of balloons. Children love hugging their favorite toy and the BubaBloon can be hugged safely too, because the state of the art multi sensory fabric casing, prevents popping and is lightweight and super bouncy too.

Parents can order these exciting safety balloons available in a host of bright, whimsical colours that will definitely inspire a sense of fun, ranging from lovable baby prints, other popular designs like animals pirates and many others.

Quality Design and Innovation Safety Balloons made in Britain!

BubaBloon safety balloons cover is ‘Made in Britain’ and is a non-tech toy that makes will make any  standard 12-inch balloon playing safe for babies, toddlers, and yes even perfect for big kids and grown-ups alike. Little infants love to play with their siblings and playing with BubaBloon Safety balloons are perfect and best of all they can be kept in Mums handbags or in a changing pocket because its air light and the perfect fun toy on the go.

Now you can keep a handy safety balloons cover when you are going to children’s parties, to keep your children safely entertained or if you like, join in the fun too.

What are These Safety Balloons Covers?

BubaBloon safety balloons covers are a fun, simple to use washable safe toy designed to make playing with balloons, so your child will not be frightened by the loud BANG a balloon makes when popping, prevents latex allergies and removes choking risks. Easy to use it transforms any balloons into light floating fun toys. These wonderful safety balloons are perfect and suitable for children from the age of 4 months and they will not knock over precious items in your home being so light.

Parents will love the peace of mind because now children can play safely with their balloons with these beautiful light weight safety balloons covers which have been made affordable to everyone.

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