8 Premium Farms Where Safe Organic Meats Come From! Have Them Delivered From These Farms to Your Doorstep! (*USA Only)

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Grass & Grain Fed Organic Meats From The Farm to Your Doorstep.

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Farm Delivery Organic Meats

Organic Meats Safely Delivered from The Farm Directly to Your Kitchen!

Genetically modified foods and mass-produced foods and meats are full of chemicals one way or another, with fruit and vegetables still having traces of pesticides in them and because they are grown with unnatural fertilizers the benefits in eating them are reduced.

Mass produced animals are fed with hormone enriched foods and traces of these hormones remain in the meats right up until you eat them and to eat healthier it is far better choosing organic meats and foods while knowing where they come from.

Get Wise Buys is delighted to partner with Farm Foods that are dedicated to helping you eat healthier with their range of organic meats in beef, chicken, seafood and other meats delivered from the farm directly to you.

These 8 Premium Farms Where Organic Meats Come From Include:

  • The Howard Farm
  • The Pasture Bird Farm
  • The Humboldt Farm
  • The Cunnigham Farm
  • Captain Tony’s Farm
  • The Eden Farms
  • The Stephen Mills Farm
  • The Siskiyou County Farm

It is common knowledge that most foods are mass produced and far from being natural and organic meats and vegetables that our ancestors grew up eating.

Farm foods are dedicated to making buying food to be personal again, with authentic original nourishing flavorful meats across the range from top rated farms.

Now you can order your meats online and enjoy delicious foods delivered from the farms that produce safe natural grass-fed beef, pork, chicken and all kinds of seafood straight from the fisherman.

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Organic meats are grown without using artificial hormones and antibiotics, growth hormones and other genetically modified organisms to accelerate their growth so you can rest assured they are authentic and safe for eating for your family.

It is sad that organic meats and other have been made more expensive, that the alternatives because they are less readily available but fortunately as people have become more educated, they are becoming more widely available and cheaper too.

You will be delighted to discover that Farm Foods offers competitive prices and even free shipping using UPS.

You Get Peace of mind of Organic meats because:

  • You Can Learn on their website, how the beef was raised, and what principles the farmers are following.
  • You Can order organic meat that is affordable, without making sacrifices on quality.
  • You have the right to choose what is right for you and your family and budget.
  • There is full transparency to know exactly where your food is coming from in the list of our premium farms so that you can feel safe in what you are eating.

Your immune system derives far more benefit from organic meats, and the differences are quite blatant ranging from the improved taste and flavours and through scientific tests have been proven to have higher vitamin and mineral contents.

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Will You Benefit from Changing your Diet to Organic Meats and Foods?

Of course, you will benefit but it takes some careful vigilance on your part and knowledge on where you can buy them and when you buy from Farm Foods  you can learn what farm your meats come from and can rest assured that they ARE genuinely organic meats.

Pesticides and unnatural fertilizers residues and GM foods and animals force-fed with hormones and antibiotics have a negative impact on your health, besides aiding in the buildup of toxins in your body organs.

Studies have shown that there are adverse effects from being exposed to pesticides ranging from immune system suppression to higher incidence of illnesses.

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Large scale production of foods has fewer nutrients and benefits compared to organic meat and foods, which is a fact proven over and over again through scientific studies.

Change to eating organic meats and foods, which include meats and free-range products like chickens, eggs, and vegetables. Doing so creates a bigger demand for these products which has a ripple effect making food producers start working towards producing food products this way rather than unnaturally. Now you can make a change in getting your meat directly from farms to your home.

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Chemicals used in producing food will thus be used less and less and this will prevent contamination of water tables from toxic runoff, soil contamination and leeching, and the death of insects necessary to keep nature balanced all helping heal our badly damaged environment.

Organic Beef

Tips Making Healthier Meat and Food Choices by ‘Get Wise Buys’.

  • Fast food is convenient, time-saving, and often cheap too but it is the worst food choice to make for you and your family.
  • Even if you enjoy fast food there are healthier food choices to make, but the best choice is trying to minimize, or avoid eating them altogether. Change your family’s diet to safe meats and foods straight from the farms and you will certainly taste the difference in organic meats too.
  • Healthier food choices are common sense going without saying that fresh natural organic if possible vegetables, fruits, and grains are best. The simple benefits are that they are lower in fat and cholesterol, and most importantly are not laced in dangerous chemicals.
  • Healthier food choices will decrease heart diseases, lower blood pressure reduces your body weight back to normal and provides you with more energy. Surely that’s all worth it?
  • Processed foods can be convenient and have a long shelf life but that is because they are full of chemicals. Read the ingredients of these foods and you will not scientific names for them like MSG, Ascorbic acids, EQ colourants and flavourings etc.
  • Coconut and coconut oils are high in saturated fat, while olives and olive oils are high in monounsaturated fats and calories.  Reduce foods high in salt content often labelled as sodium because this elevates blood pressure levels.
  • It does not matter whether you prefer fresh or frozen vegetables because these are healthier food choices, and you can add nuts and seeds which provide the sufficient additional daily calories you need to make up the total for your body requirement for the day.
  • Seek out healthier food choices high in soluble fibre like oat bran, unrefined rice and kinds of pasta, oatmeal, and peas and beans. Most food labels will tell you to want the ingredients are as well as the nutritional value. However, it does not help to get nutritional value combined with loads of chemicals. If possible go for organic where ever you can.

Healthier food choices for you and your family give you the nutrition that takes care of your body, keeps you healthy strengthens your immune system and gives you energy requirements. Reduce your meat intake, processed foods and fast foods for a start and then you are already well on the way to healthier food choices!

Natural Meats and Organic Foods are a Simple way To Rid your body of Harmful Chemicals.

Once you start adding more fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet and choosing organic meats from Farm Foods you will feel amazed at the difference in a very short period of time too.

Your digestive system starts working better, and if you have chronic colitis the symptoms will ease and even disappear altogether if you continue eating healthy.

This is all thanks to natural foods dietary fibre and meat free of chemicals, antibiotics and hormones.

To eat more healthily consider removing as many processed foods from your diet as possible, the likes of tines goods, processed meats like salamis, hams and viennas.

Your body has to work extremely hard to process these foods just like it is extremely complex producing them.  Processed foods are laced with chemicals from colourants to preservatives, salts and acids that all harm your body.

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