Portable Pain Relief Like You Have Never Seen Before…On Your Phone!

Portable Pain Relief Assistant

Pain Management On The Move With Smart Innovative Technology!

Pain Relief Assistant

Your Portable Pain Relief and Healing Assistant Everywhere you Go!

Imagine having a pain and healing assistant with you where ever you go?  That is what you will have with the New Technology Welltiss Portable Pain Relief Assistant proudly bought to you by ‘Get Wise Buys!

It has been known that magnetism fields will accelerate healing from injuries, and provide sufferers relief from joint pains, arthritis, and for those that suffer from migraine, a great relief.

Perhaps you already know this and have arrived at our website while looking for a quality device using this technology and that is the  Welltiss Pain relief assistant

The benefits of pain relief and healing have been proven by users of this device and it is superb for sports professionals, for working out or even everyday pain management and healing for everyone.

Pain and healing device

Although this pain relief and healing technology is related to magnetic therapy, instead of a constant magnetic field, this amazing device provides a field that changes with time using harmless electromagnetic pulses.

Use this handy portable Welltiss Pain relief assistant in the comfort of your own home, and read more about how it works using an application on your Smartphone with multiple program options from a handy application you can download after purchase.

These complement those already present in our bodies and are emitted from the Welltiss Device when applied to whatever part of your body you wish to heal and you will find it at a great deal when you buy it through ‘Get Wise Buys’.

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Click on any of the images for close up views of this portable pain relief assistant that is compact enough to take anywhere you go.

Copper therapy and magnetic therapy have actually been around for centuries used in Asian cultures, and many others besides and the Welltiss Technology has been based on these proven healing and pain management methods.

Pain Relief for Sports

Only recently has any real research been done into magnetic healing and the many other benefits and some incredible results have been discovered.

Grab a quality smart looking Welltiss Pain relief assistant from through the links at ‘Get Wise Buys’ at well below recommended retail value, and look forward to years of lasting quality benefits in healing and pain management on the move.




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