Refinance Your Home to Pay off your Debt

Be Debt Free with equity home loans

How many people can actually say they are debt free?? Debt has reached alarming proportions in the United States with foreclosures rapidly increasing as well. Financial institutions are lending to people without doing proper credit worthiness checks and there are also underhanded realtors in on the deals. There are a number of legitimate and very helpful companies that will go out of their way to help with foreclosures on properties and if you are disciplined enough this may be the way to go. Many people wait until they are in well over their heads and a foreclosure is looming from the financial institution, before seeking assistance from somewhere which is perhaps one of the reasons you may have landed on this blog.

Hopefully this will be sensible advice. If you are facing foreclosure of your home, and bad debts are leaving you with sleepless nights then this is definitely an option to investigate if you have not left it too late. Many people look to their homes as a means to refinance bad debt which can be a sensible way if the process is done correctly and you use the funds raised by your additional mortgage loan to settle and consolidate all of your outstanding debts. Cut up those credit cards when you do.

Credit card balance transfers.

If you have a number of credit cards and most people do there is a bit of advice I can give you. Use the one with the biggest amount of credit to pay off the smaller one/s. You can approach the credit card institution to ask them for a credit increase for this purpose. Many people are unaware that banks will only be too happy to do so.Be disciplined though and Cut up those credit cards except the big one you use to pay off the small debts. Afterwards work on that one for all you are worth.

Extra Income to pay off those bills.

If you are reading this blog it means you have an internet connection. Have you consider the internet as a source of income?

Other ways to make some quick cash can be a garage sale, jumble sale, cake sale odd jobs for the elderly or any innovative ideas as long as they are not illegal. If you look in the classifieds you will find quite a few people looking for the help of a capable person. If all the extra income you make is ploughed into getting your debt down you will fast track your way to freedom. Please visit the sponsors on this blog that goes to help me in my mission to become debt free. Every cent counts…

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