Save Your Money to pay off Debts and be Honest!!

Be honest with Yourself & Your Partner

When you are in over your head in debt then it is time to be honest with yourself and your partner. Playing open cards with your family will also take a load off your shoulders. If you have separate finances it can cause pressure on your relationship. This is especially more so if your partner is merrily spending right and left while you are struggling to keep your head above water. It is surprising how people keep things like being overburdened with debt from each other and your family and lifelong partner can be completely oblivious of the fact that you are in dire straits until its too late.

Team work makes light work.

As previously mentioned in another posts the support of your family is crucial to getting out of debt. Everyone can pitch in and do their bit and where possible do whatever it takes to earn money where ever it is possible.

More ways to save Money to get out of debt….

Here is some more sensible ways where you can save money to get out of debt by working together…..

Airline Fares
1. Compare low-cost carriers with major carriers that fly to your destination. Remember, the best fares may not be out of the airport closest to you.
2. You may save by including a Saturday evening stay-over or by purchasing the ticket at least 14 days in advance. Ask which days of the week and times of the day have the lowest fare.
3. Even if you are using a travel agent, check airline and Internet travel sites, and look for special deals. If you call, always ask for the lowest fare to your destination.

Car Rental

4. Since car rental rates can vary greatly, compare total price (including taxes and surcharge) and take advantage of any special offers and membership discounts.
5. Rental car companies offer various insurance and waiver options. Check with your automobile insurance agent and credit card company in advance to avoid duplicating any coverage you may already have.

New Cars

6. You can save thousands of Dollars over the lifetime of a car by selecting a model that combines a low purchase price with low depreciation, financing, insurance, gasoline, maintenance, and repair costs. Ask your local librarian for new car guides that contain this information.
7. Having selected a model and options you are interested in, you can save hundreds of Dollars by comparison shopping. Get price quotes from several dealers (over the phone or Internet) and let each know you are contacting the others.
8. Remember there is no “cooling off” period on new car sales. Once you have signed a contract, you are obligated to buy the car.

Used Cars

9. Before buying any used car:
Compare the seller’s asking price with the average retail price in a “bluebook” or other guide to car prices which can be found at many libraries, banks, and credit unions.
Have a mechanic you trust check the car, especially if the car is sold “as is.”
10. Consider purchasing a used car from an individual you know and trust. They are more likely than other sellers to charge a lower price and point out any problems with the car.

Auto Leasing

11. Don’t decide to lease a car just because the payments are lower than on a traditional auto loan. The leasing payments are lower because you don’t actually own the car.
12. Leasing a car is very complicated. When shopping, consider the price of the car (known as the capitalized cost), your trade-in allowance, any down payment, monthly payments, various fees (excess mileage, excess “wear and tear,” end-of- lease), and the cost of buying the car at the end of the lease..


13. You can save hundreds of Dollars a year by driving carefully, and using the lowest-octane called for in your owner’s manual.
14. You can save up to $100 a year on petrol by keeping your engine tuned and your tires inflated to their proper pressure.

Take these savings tips and cut corners where ever possible, because the more money saved to pay off your debt the faster it will get finished… More savings ideas tomorrow

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