Single Malt Scotch Whiskey The Discerning Gentleman’s Drink!

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey Or A Choice of The Best Online…

Single Malt Scotch Whiskey




When you think of a man’s drink, a class scotch whiskey is the preferred drink of choice for grown men and even many women love the smooth taste of a quality whiskey of choice.

Offering a scotch whiskey as an after dinner drink, or enjoying one together at a club is a prestige choice.

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When it comes to whiskey brands then the most endearing choice is a  Single malt scotch whiskey

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In today’s sports and social clubs and now even among the younger drinkers, enjoying a fine Scotch whiskey often falls by the wayside with many choosing spirits like tequila, brandies and vodka.

Scotch is a more sphisticated drink that is a more sophisticated drink for mature drinkers.

A fine single malt scotch whiskey is offered with pride savoured socially and enjoyed in the company of friends.

A true brewed single malt Scotch whiskey is distilled in one place and there are no other blends of grains in this whiskey.

Only a single cask is used and not transferred to accommodate any other blends during its distillation and brewing and when fully brewed a single malt scotch whiskey can exceed 65% alcohol by volume…

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Although Scotch on the rocks has always been the preferred drink by gentlemen there are other mixed drinks that feature a fine Scotch whiskey at its base and with fun names for these drinks that appeal to the younger clubbing crowd.

Some examples of these drinks names with fine scotch whiskey added are rusty nail which has Scotch and Drambuie or the Scotch whiskey happy sour which features Scotch and cherry flavoured brandies.

There is still nothing to beat the unique taste of fine Scotch whiskey that sets it apart from the fad drinks of the younger generation that are all popular today.

Fine Single Malt Scotch Whiskey

There are a many of these kinds of mixed drinks, but to the true connoisseurs of fine scotch whiskey, a cold scotch on the rocks and a single malt scotch whiskey are the way to enjoy a fine scotch no matter what the occasions are. matter of fact the perfect drink appreciated by every man.

Even more so the perfect gift for anyone will be a single malt scotch whiskey whether a birthday, Christmas or any other celebratory occasions…

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Scotch is made following the timeless process in many other countries today but still, the finest scotch will always come from the Isles of Scotland.

Scotch whiskey from Islay Scotland, can cost you a pretty pound or two especially when it hails from Scotland  Bruichladdich distillery in Islay Scotland, which is located at the most southern of all the Hebridian islands and this particular scotch whiskey made there is so rare that it can only be purchased at the distillery or by exclusive suppliers online.

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Most single malt scotch whiskeys are bottled at between forty and forty-six per cent with the legal limit set at a minimum of forty percent.

Considering there are approximately six to nine different regions in Scotland where distilleries are located, the characteristics of the malt whiskey can vary considerably. each distillery has their own unique brewing and stilling techniques to producing their single malt scotch whiskey all with a flavour all their own.

Now that you can shop for fine whiskeys online a true quality scotch is not so hard to come by with prices varying from low to high-end whiskeys from Scotland and all over the world.

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