The Slow Transition to a Plant Based Vegetarian Diet

Plant based vegetarian diets

What it Means Being a Vegetarian

Plant based vegetarian diets

Eating a Plant Based Vegetarian Diet

With people becoming aware of how many hormones there are in meats due to mass food product to feed an exploding population, many are switching over to a plant based vegetarian diet but it is not as easy as it seems. A vegetarian diet is a healthy one but contrary to what most believe it is not a miserable unappetizing diet at all!

To change to a plant based vegetarian diet is best done gradually in steps rather than suddenly cutting out all meats and you should be aware there are different types of vegetarian diets too. If you want to investigate healthy ways of eating have a look at this guide to paleo and vegetarian diets here. There are thousands of delicious meals that can be made without meat and the benefits of eating this way are infinite.

What to eat on a plant based vegetarian diet.

You need to move over to whole-grain products rather choosing whole wheat bread and flours rather than any refined breads or white grains options. It is still very important to maintain a variety in your diet and try out new types of vegetables you may have not tried before. There are numerous varieties of vegetables and in each group there are different types of the family as well. For examples there are about 7 types of avocado pears, tomatoes, and lettuce varieties.

Vegetables and fruits are freely available in almost every store and market and if you are on a specific plant based vegetarian diet then specialty health stores will stock the foods you need.  Being conscious of what you eat no matter what sort of lifestyle diet you are on is important. Chemicals, preservatives, sugars and salts in foods have been proven to cause illnesses like cancer and obesity.

Go for lower fat milk and yoghurts, organic grown foods, and limit your eggs and dairy intake while moving over to a full on plant based vegetarian diet. You will start discovering you have a favorite vegetable and healthier foods plus start feeling more energetic with a stronger immune system to match that.

There are dozens of fabulous safe vegetarian recipes that make for delicious meals and through some experimentation with recipes you can create some lovely dishes of your own.  There are in addition readymade breakfast cereals that are whole grain, crackers, rice cakes and bean dishes. If you are not going on a full on plant based vegetarian diet you can still opt for fish in your eating plan.

Whatever type of lifestyle eating plan you choose make it exciting and fun and keep reminding yourself of the benefits of eating this way.


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