Cherry Ice® ––Way Cooler than Frozen Peas! This Fabulous Cherry Pillow Has Multiple Benefits for Everyone!

Therapy Pillows

Something to Soothe, Something To Cuddle; Cherry Pillows are Your Friend!

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Therapy Pillows

Soothing, Aches and Pains Without The Frozen peas pack 🙂

Now is the perfect time for the soothing comfort of our natural cold packs. You’re out and about, having fun with summer sports activities that are bound to need a cold pack sooner than later. Cherry Ice has the same fabulous tart cherry pits inside as our entire Hot Cherry line. They’re individually bagged in zip-close freezer bags, so they can be stored in the freezer.

Our natural-dyed indigo blue can be a reminder that chilled cherry-pit-filled packs are great for reducing swelling, lowering temperatures and cooling off. Cherry Ice comes in three sizes: the Eye Pillow, the Neck Wrap, and the basic Square. And like all Hot Cherry pillows, they are completely machine washable!

They can be used as hot or cold packs! Makes for a perfect year-round gift or a great addition to the home for those health and environmentally responsible families.

Healing benefits of therapy pillows not only relieve aches and pain but the deep penetrating warmth also provides a feeling of calmness and peace,  which helps in removing your feelings of worry, fear, and anxiety, relieves the pressures of stress, and negative thoughts.

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Cherry Pillows for babies and Children

Cherry Therapy Pillows. What are They?

Cherry therapy pillows are filled with clean, dried, sustainable cherry pits and when they are heated up they will deliver soothing, long-lasting and deep penetrating heat. These pillows are effective for relieving all sorts of aches and pains like stiff joints, necks, sore muscles, sports injuries or relieve pain on your aching back.

This wonderful therapy pillow also has multiple uses from just warming up a cold bed to relieving aches, pains, soothing away headaches, soothing stiff arthritic joints and much more or great to cuddle with on cold winter nights.

What’s more, these delightful Cherry Pillows can be ordered in a variety of colourful fabrics in natural dyed 100% cotton denim or in the popular plush maraschino ultra suede, and also in multiple sizes, from small eye pillows up to large body-sized pillows.

Cherry Therapy Pillows

These therapy pillows can be used either hot or chilled as you prefer, and you will find they provide fast-acting relief and comfort for everyone.

Children will love them to cuddle up with, and they are perfect additions for wellness centres, clinics,  spas and equally super for use in senior and retirement homes.

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