Vegetarianism. No its Not a Cult, Its a Healthy Way of Life!

Vegetarianism A Healthy way of Life!

Gods Eating Plan
Gods Eating Plan

The Benefits of Vegetarianism Lifestyles.

Unfortunately most people think that vegetarianism is a fad or fanatical way of eating but it certainly is not. If more people were aware of the many benefits of vegetarianism they would probably not hesitate to change their lifestyles to this way of healthy eating.

Fast foods, animal products and meat are no longer natural like they were back in the 18th to 20th century. With exploding populations it became necessary to mass produce food and increases the shelf life by using unnatural methods.  The results are foods laced with chemicals, animal products full of antibiotics and hormones, and fast foods full of carcinogens.

You may argue that your parents ate what they liked and lived to healthy ages of 80 and older but the reason for this is they were not exposed to the chemicals you are putting into your body! If you are overweight always feeling tired and bloated, and full of aches and pains it is because your body is full of toxins.

 Spring Cleaning Your Life through Healthy Eating.

The benefits of vegetarianism are numerous starting from clearing your body of toxins, reducing your blood pressure and cholesterol ranges back to normal levels, and your body back to its healthy natural weight. If you are tired after eating a mal then the simple answer is that you have eaten incorrectly. Food is energy for your body, the fuel to repair damaged cells, help get rid of poisons and make you feel healthy and strong.

High fatty fast foods, too much meats and animal products are the optimal fuel to give your body and you will suffer the consequences of never feeling in tip top health. The benefits of vegetarianism are that you eat correctly and it does not mean living a miserable lifestyle like many people believe it is.

The amounts of different food groups and meals that can be made with this sort of diet are endless and just as delicious. If you REALLY do not want to become a full blown vegetarian that is ok as long as you make an effort to stay away from processed foods. The occasional piece of meat as long as it is organic can still be in your diet but this should become your side dish. Chicken and fish are then the better choices as well.

You would feel major changes if you were to concentrate more on a vegetable diet for a fortnight and that alone would make you start being far more aware of what goes in your mouth. Never mind what others would think of the way your food preferences are. It is you that will benefit, and they that will never enjoy feeling fit as a fiddle, healthy as a horse and having an immune system that could fight off any serious diseases you were exposed to.

Even minor changes in cutting out certain foods can make a big difference in your overall health and well-being. Why not start doing so today?


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