Virtual Reality… is Now a Reality: Order Your State of The Art Virtual Reality 5K Plus Headsets Today!

VR Headsets

Pre-launch Special Offer 5k Plus Virtual Reality Headsets.

Virtual Reality

Pre-Launch 5K Plus Virtual Reality Headsets Special Offer Only From ‘GET WISE BUYS’.

The virtual reality headset future technology has now arrived!

Are you ready for an exciting innovation that will turn your Virtual reality games into entertainment that will blow your mind?

Play games, watch videos and interact in crystal clear 200 degrees virtual reality. Pimax offers the hottest deals in these devices that are state of the art in features for the ultimate VR experiences!

You will be excited to learn that this fabulous new Virtual reality headset has been made affordable to everyone and its design is robust and sturdy.

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Virtual Reality Headsets

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A Whole New level Of Access to Information

Now you can experience a wider ‘Field Of View’ – 200 degrees, close to human vision, so while playing your favourite shooter games none of the enemies will be able to escape from the corner of your FOV anymore in the VR games.

Presently you can order this exciting device at launch price far more competitively priced than many other suppliers, and it will be safely shipped to your desired location anywhere in the world.

The 5k Plus and other featured models VR headset allow you to play hands-free, and that allows you to fully immerse yourself in all the great virtual reality content you desire and wherever you are for the ultimate ride in VR worlds.

What makes this possible is the specially designed comfortable head grip that comfortably balances the device, and being lightweight you can enjoy your gaming experiences for longer.

Many people have invested in the older models of bulky VR headsets but this slim device is lightweight and ergonomically designed to enhance longer gaming experiences.

VR Headsets


Virtual realities apps are extremely accessible and google play and Apple app store is already jam-packed with amazing virtual reality apps!

Everything from roller coaster rides to space odysseys to swimming with sharks. This fabulous virtual reality device is compatible with any VR or AR content and most importantly allows you to play or enjoy virtual reality features hands-free.

Features of the Virtual Reality Headset.

  • Suits all games and apps from apple to android and many other games too!
  • The virtual reality headset comes with state of the art Lenses for optimum 200 degrees FOV, and soft lightweight ergonomic design to allow for any movement while wearing VR!
  • Ergonomic features have been designed to comfortably wrap around your head and features will pick up all VR games, controllers and compatible apps

Take advantage of the launch price which is being ploughed back into funding manufacturing, researching designing and shipping costs to enhance VR gaming and apps to ultimate levels.

Read the reviews and blog and you will find past customers are more than thrilled with the 5K plus VR headsets and you can conveniently order yours online today!

Soon this price will be increased to cater for developing and further research. Click below to order this exceptional VR deal today!


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