Virtual Reality… is Now a Reality: Order Your Virtual Reality Headset Today!

Order Your Virtual Reality Headset Online

Pre-launch Special Offer Virtual Reality Headsets.

Order Your Virtual Reality Headset Online


Pre-Launch Virtual Reality headsets Special Offer Only From GET WISE BUYS…

The virtual reality headset for your Smartphone is here. Are you ready for an exciting innovation that will turn your Smartphone into an entertainment center that will blow your mind? Play games, watch videos, and interact with friends on social media and What’s up all in 360 degrees virtual reality.

You will be excited to learn that this fabulous new Virtual reality headset has been made affordable to everyone and its design is robust and sturdy while being compact enough to fit into your pocket. Thin mobile hands free and when you  are the first to own this virtual reality headset you are going to be the envy of your friends.

Order the Virtual Reality Headset for your Smartphone Here and remember that you saw it first on Get Wise Buys.

Virtuakl Reality Headset for SmartPhones

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A Whole New level Of Access to Information

With Smartphone’s we now have unlimited access to information and we can easily access photos, videos, and text and even browse the internet via our smart phones. The one media that is  lacking instant access is virtual reality and the newly launched 2VR addresses this, turning our flat 2D media, into 360 degrees of awesomeness you can explore anywhere.

Presently you can order this exciting device at launch price and it will be safely shipped to your desired location anywhere in the world.

The 2VR virtual reality headset allows you to view hands free, and that allows you to fully immerse yourself in all the great virtual reality content you desire and wherever you are. What make this possible is the specially designed ear grips that comfortably balance the phone on your face.Many people leave their bulky VR headsets at home, but this slim decvice is compact enough to fit in your pocket handbag or purse. That means you can take it anywhere and enjoy entertainment on the bus, in a coffee shop or while travelling the world

Each Virtual reality headset package includes 2VR FABRIC, and immersive cover that doubles as a protective sleeve! ORDER HERE NOW!

Virtual reality apps are extremely accessible and google play and Apple app store is already jam-packed with amazing virtual reality apps! Everything from roller coaster rides to space odysseys to swimming with sharks. 2VR is compatible with any VR or AR content, and easily fits any iPhone or Android, and most importantly 2VR allows you to view hands free.

Features of the Virtual Reality Headset


  • Fits all  from apple to android Phone Sizes (iTouch) to 5.5″ screens (iPhone 6s Plus) and many others too!
  • The virtual reality headset comes with 34mm Lenses for optimum FOV, and soft Rubber Phone Grips to allow for any movement while wearing 2VR while keeping your smart phone safe!
  • Ergonomic Ear Grips have been designed to comfortably wrap around your ears, and the Rotating Front Arms have been designed to holds most smart phones on the market today! recommended.
  • Adjustable Temple Lengths We are all different; 2VR allows users to adjust the temples to work for you!
  • Nose Padding to comfort your nose
  • Immersive Every 2VR package include 2VR FABRIC an immersive cover that functions as a portable sleeve as well!

Take advantage of the launch price which is being ploughed back into funding manufacturing and shipping costs for our first mass orders. After this price will increased to cater for developing molds and further research By backing this launch campaign you’ll be the first to receive 2VR and we will invite you to take part in our custom color survey once we reach 10k in funding!

Virtual reality Gift packs Online

Last month we began our final mold process with our manufacturer and are happy to finally start shipping worldwide!


Each Package Includes:

(1) 2VR Glasses

(1) 2VR Fabric

Where We Are Today (Our molds are being made!)That means we will be ready to ship in just a few weeks! We purposefully launched this campaign now so that we can start shipping days after the campaign finishes! We launched 1VR earlier this year. An amazingly colorful cardboard headset inspired by Google Cardboard! Selling on Amazon now! This is our new better smarter 2VR

Welcome Friends and Family to the Virtual World

2VR is the perfect gift! Introduce your friends and family to the world of virtual reality! Get ready for “Woahs” and “Oh my’s”!



Please contact me for bulk orders using the contact form on this website or mail me at makebestchoices(at) Subject Bulk Reseller VR Glasses



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