Dare to Be Different With Unique, Zany, Wedding Invitations, or Amazing Invitations for Any Special Events!

Get Your Guests Buzzing With Super Unique Wedding Invitations in a Bottle.

Amazing Wedding Invitations Ideas

Choose From These Zany Invitations For All Your Special Events

Are you Planning a Wedding, Party, baby shower or other special occasions? If so you are going to be thrilled with our newest partner Invitation in a Bottle that offers you something completely unique to send the perfectly unique invitation guests have never seen before.

Sending your wedding invitations using a ‘message in a bottle‘ will surely be the talk of the town, and there are some fabulous designs and themes to choose from to suit any tastes. Whatever the special occasion is going to be, dare to be different by inviting guests with these awesome invitations in a bottle that will have ‘tongues a-wagging’!

We know that a lot of thought goes into planning invitations and particularly wedding invitations, and just when you think everything has been done, here is a sensational option that you will love in some fabulously unique designs.

Bottle Invitations

No More boring paper invitations with these amazing original invitation ideas and there are no worries about going over budget for your wedding invitations either, because the prices are comparable to most conventional invitations as you will find on their website and as a matter of fact, even more, cost-effective at that.

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Unique Wedding Invitations

If you still have the time to invest in choosing the perfect wedding invitations the ‘Message Invitations In a Bottle’ will certainly be the perfect unique solution. You have some great options to even design them yourself with the ‘Do it Yourself’ options in lots of great kits and colours to choose from at this wonderful partner.

Choose The perfect Wedding Invitation Message Inserts.

Wedding Invitations Ideas

There are also some superb designs for your bottle inserts to choose from, and you can send the perfect message with even a map to the location of your wedding for guest convenience. Use the helpful tips on their website to choose the perfect invitation for your special occasion, and these invitation options are so good people will keep them forever.

A truly fun wedding invitation is now at your fingertips and you will further be delighted at the exceptional value for money from Message in a Bottle Invitations.

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Special Wedding Invitations Ideas

Plan any invitations for any events using this great partner from ‘Get Wise Buys’ and use the tips we have added below to make everything work out just right for your occasion invitations.

Special Event Unique Invitations Ideas


Here are Some Helpful Occasion Invitation Hints

  • Send your wedding or party or special occasion invitations at least a month before the actual event to make certain guests receive them.
  • With this super option, it is simple to plan your theme to match the invitation you choose and even arrange custom invitations through Message in a Bottle Invitations.
  • If you plan to design your own message, try to keep it simple and to the point rather than a long-winded invitation!
  • Consider to include a map to the wedding, part or event site as well as a cell phone number where guests may get last minute assistance with directions if they still get lost.
  • If you want to add some technology you can even add your email address or cell number WhatsApp to keep track of your RSVPs.

You will be thrilled at this fabulous way to invite guests to any special occasions and bookmark and share this site if you know someone is planning an event and is stumped for invitations ideas.

Pirate Theme Invitations


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