What are Super Foods?

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Immune Boosting Foods for Long Life

Eating more of the foods that boost your immune system will keep you healthy and make you live longer and that is a fact. There are certain chemicals and make up in foods that work with your genes to build up your body defense systems against diseases, clear out undesirable toxins and free radicals which stop serious illnesses in their tracks.

For example a powerful chemical in broccoli called sulforaphane makes broccoli one of nature’s super foods.

A balance of certain foods in your diet will help you stay healthy and you will find it is quite easy to add them to your diet with no major changes either. One good example is tomatoes which are packed with a chemical called lycopene a pigment in this fruit that makes it red,; a powerful cancer fighting chemical.

What Foods is a Must to add to your Diet?

As mentioned above tomatoes, red peppers guavas and watermelon are examples where this red pigment Lycopene is found so add these to salads, spaghetti sauces, salsas and soups.

Next on the list is getting your dose of beta carotene found in sweet potatoes, oranges, and carrots.

Beta carotene converts to Vitamin A for boosting eyesight reducing macular degeneration and helping keep your skin healthy and supple.

Lutein is also found in oranges mangoes and cantaloupes also powerful to fight heart diseases and help prevent osteoporosis.

Moving on to green leafy vegetables which everyone knows are vital to your health with the most powerful ones being spinach, celeries, lettuces varieties, and avocado pears for just a few examples of the many there are.

It does not matter if you prefer to get your veggies fresh or frozen just never over cook them because this ends up leaching out all the goodness. Matter of fact try and use the water they were cooked in for something else you are cooking for your meal like making gravy for example.

There are many necessary foods that should be incorporated into your diet but the above foods are called super foods  and with good reason too because of the power they have to protect your health. Look for foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids to boost your brain and stave off diseases like Alzheimer’s found in most fish like tuna , sardines and salmon.

These are all super foods that should be simple to incorporate into your daily diet one way or another so make it a habit to eat as much as you can of them as possible.


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