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Handy Hints

When Things Go Wrong You Know Where to Look!

The internet holds a wealth of information and many people look up what they need every second. When you feel ill you may go and look what your symptoms mean and some of these health websites make it sound like you are dying from an incurable illness. It can also make you worry a lot more which can make you feel even worse.

Looking up quick fixes for things that go wrong is always fast using the internet but there are so many conflicting ideas that sometimes these can also contradict each other. Today I have compiled a list of proven handy household hints which you can refer to as you need for quick fixes and useful ideas to help you when things go wrong. Download that for FREE HERE

These handy household hints are those passed down by your grandparents and they really work, are simple and you never need any special ingredients or knowledge to apply them. This free book has 200 great hints for the home, in the kitchen and some useful information on how certain vegetables and fruit can benefit your health!

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Handy household tips

Internet Tips

Although the internet is amazing as a source of information, news and interesting things to do, it does come with its dangers, especially for the uninformed and new users.

It is possible to lose money to scams, have your internet banking compromised, or even experience a total crash of your computer or laptop with complete loss of all your data. There are some simple common sense ways to avoid this from happening which will give you peace of mind. Always avoid visiting websites when you are warned by Google or your virus checking programs that they may contain malware.

Be careful where you submit your email address to when joining internet offers by always making sure that they are legitimate, and they offer a link to unsubscribe. Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are at some time or another you are going to get a spam email slipping through.

YOU MUST NEVER answer emails that tell you that you have won the sweepstakes, lottery, or ask for assistance to move money from an inheritance to Your country. Some of these e-mails certainly do look legitimate, even coming with contact details. Note that offers of unclaimed British Pounds, Dollars, Coca-cola sweepstakes etc are all scams.

Once you answer any of these you will get spammed forever.  Some loan offers are even sent to you but often these are from loan sharks with exorbitant interest rates and heavy-handed collections. Just delete.

The convenience of buying products and using services online continues to grow in popularity in United States, United Kingdom, and Canada and all over the world for that matter. Consumers realize the benefits of this, plus realize the great savings they can enjoy by getting more for their Dollars.

Fortunately, secure payment systems make it perfectly safe to buy products and use services, but once again ensure that you do so at legitimate vendors and sales portals. Online vendors offer secure 128 payment encryption systems allowing you to pay via credit card and even EFT.

Look for the https in your browser bar for the link, and the CLOSED mini padlock bottom left on the web page when you make a purchase!

Money Management Tips…

Managing your Money

In today’s tough times it is happening more and more often that a situation arises when you are in need of some emergency cash. Like they say in ‘Murphy’s Law’ these situations happen when you least want them to, normally at a time when resources are few to handle the crisis.

In an emergency, or when a crisis happens in your like you can despair that everything is a complete disaster, or roll up your sleeves and tackle the crisis head on!

Every family should have a good financial plan and most importantly emergency funds because even though it may be necessary to fix something in your home or vehicle what if you need this emergency cash as a matter of life or death?

There are no magic ways to make cash in an instant but if you have a good plan of action it is still possible to raise money in the shortest possible time. If you start today putting away some cash in the cookie jar as a manner of speaking, you will sleep better at night.

Managing your money
A money crisis can happen at any time, and when it does most of us run around without a clear plan of action on how to get our hands on some! Take a step back to first assess what has caused this crisis …and then decide what you need to do practically and financially.


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