Your Debt Starts here…

Someone needs to started educating our kids

The story of our life….. Perhaps you have read similar accounts or it first yours to a T. More than likely we are in debt because…

When we leave school after 12 years of intense and intensive education, we each know that we have a product that is vaguely in demand: 160 hours each month which is the time we have for productivity. We try to sell these hours in the best way we know how to the highest bidding company or employer. Usually this entails drafting a CV [a personal product brochure detailing how valuable our 160 hours each month are], and then trying to find a single client to buy all those hours. [This is also known as looking for a job.]
If we’re unlucky we make an early sale, and we get a contract to sell all our hours every month. This contract usually involves traveling to an office each day [at our own cost with no tax benefits], working a full 8-10 hour day for a paltry hourly fee: example purposes….
$5000/month = $31.25/hour – 8 hour day,
or $25/hour if you factor in the 2 hours/day commute time,
or $20/hour after factoring in the cost AND time of the commute each day,
or $17.75/hour after factoring in the cost AND time of the commute each day and your IRS contribution to the government,
And Lord knows how low this figure gets after we have clothed ourselves appropriately [also not tax deductible].
Often that single client will have offer contract that demands:
Exclusivity, in that you may not work for any other client – even in your free time,
and/or the fruits of any work you do – even in your own time – become the property of this single client,
and/or you must attend an office from 08h30 until 16h30, even if there is now work to do – punishing you for getting your work done faster than your peers,
And any other innovative restriction that limits your personal options.

Is this the story of your life?

We commute to work in a car we are paying off in clothes we are also paying off bought on our credit card. We leave a home with a hefty mortgage empty all day to go to work to pay that off. And we look forward to going home to eat the groceries we also bought on credit… and so on it goes. Get the picture????
Somewhere along the line we start looking for an out, a means to change it and this is how most people end up in a business opportunity that does not suit them at all. Perhaps you may moonlight in a night job as well so that you have even less time to enjoy the mortgaged home you bought. Those is why my friend you need sit down and do your homework before you even consider another Loan, credit card, clothing account or anything else on credit…

I owe I owe its off to work I go.

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